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TOY REVIEW: Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Voyager Shockwave

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Song Meaning, Song Lyrics and Music Analysis: “Before It’s Too Late” (by The Goo Goo Dolls)

Gonna do something a little different this week, analyzing a song that may or may not have a lot of substance to it. I usually already know what a song’s all about before I start writing these Song Analyses, but … Continue reading

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TOY REVIEW: Transformers Generations Drift

TOY REVIEW: Transformers Generations Drift The Awesome: This is the first time I can remember a toy being produced of a Transformer created for the comic books in a long, long time. Even Jhiaxus of Generation 2 fame doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Dabid buys his first iTunes song in years! It’s Stan Bush’s “The Touch”–with RAP!!

Worthwhile! WOOOOOOO! Bought my first song off iTunes in years today! I discovered that the rare RAP VERSION of “The Touch” by Stan Bush was available on iTunes!! It’s apparently not going to be on Stan’s monumental sure-to-be-chart-topping new album … Continue reading

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