TOY REVIEW: Honeybuzz My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wave 4 (Hasbro)

Honeybuzz My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ToyI came out of the closet as a Brony collector with my My Little Pony Snowcatcher review last month, and I’m back tonight with a review of Snowcatcher’s Series 4 case-mate, Honeybuzz! Like Snowcatcher, Honeybuzz is another pony who exists only as a toy and is not seen in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon. But Honeybuzz has one big advantage over other toy-only ponies–she’s my favorite color: orange! In addition, she has the first cartoon-ized animal cutie mark! Is that enough to make her a good toy?

The Right:

Cutie Mark Honeybuzz My Little PonyHoneybuzz’s cutie-mark (I’m talking about the tattoo on her butt, for non-MLP fans) is an adorable cartoon bumblebee. Awwww. Other than Fluttershy’s butterflies cutie mark, this is the only animal cutie mark in the Friendship is Magic toy line so far (and it’s the first to feature a cartoonified animal). I actually think this might be the ‘cutest’ cutie mark of any pony released so far in the FiM line, so bravo Hasbro.

Honey buzz My Little Pony ToyNext, let’s talk about Honeybuzz’s colors. I’ll say this a lot, but let me quote myself from my Snowcatcher review: “She’s not pink! I really dislike pink ponies in this line–not just because I’m a guy, but because they’re everywhere! Of the 18 ponies released in the Playful Ponies line, 8 of them are pink or pink-purple. It’s my belief that the toy line should accurately reflect the Friendship is Magic world, where only a small fraction of the ponies are pink. So I am thrilled up-and-down every time we get a new basic pony that’s not pink.”

Honeybuzz is only the second orange pony, after Applejack of the Mane Six. Unlike plain and straightforward Applejack, Honeybuzz has a little bit of extra flair, as exhibited by her pink, yellow, and orange striped hair! The multi-colored hair is a crucial detail needed to differentiate Honeybuzz from Applejack, who she’s otherwise incredibly similar to.

Cardback and Bio for Honeybuzz My Little PonyHoneybuzz uses the standard Earth-pony mold that Hasbro created in Wave 1 for Applejack, and includes the same recolored saddle as Applejack came with.

Honeybuzz doesn’t exist in the cartoon, so the sum totality of what we know about her is what’s written in her bio on the back of the cardback: “Honeybuzz is often so busy that she forgets to take a break, but she always stops to smell the flowers!” Unlike Snowcatcher’s bio (which I thought was pretty doofy), Honeybuzz’s adds a bit of depth to her personality. I like that she’s a busy-body (like a bee! Get it?), but she also makes a point of stopping to enjoy life.

The Wrong:

Bee Pet Animal with Honeybuzz My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ToyLike all of the ponies in the main Playful Ponies line, Honeybuzz comes with a pet animal friend. Unlike all of the other ponies, Honeybuzz’s animal friend is utterly terrifying. At first I thought the animal was some kind of weird rabbit, but after reading the contents list of the package I realized it’s actually a bee. A scary, pastel-colored mutant bee that’s a hundred times bigger than it should be. I can promise that if this bee flew up to me, I would be reaching for a can of Raid immediately. I might catch some flak for this, but I think this is by far by far the ugliest animal companion ever. On a sidenote, do any other old-timers like me get a “Wuzzles” vibe from the bee?

“Where Can I Buy It?!”

Buy Honeybuzz My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Toy at StoresHoneybuzz retails for around $6 after tax in most stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys R Us, although she’s been tough to find packed at just 1-per-case in early assortments.

Amazon has Honeybuzz in-stock for as low as $9.99 with free shipping right now, but toys regularly go in and out of stock very quickly on Amazon.

Entertainment Earth has the Case of 12 including Honeybuzz and 8 other ponies (including Flitterheart, Feathermay, Snowcatcher, Twinkleshine, Plumsweet, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash) in-stock now for just $64.99.

BigBadToyStore is sold out of Honeybuzz individually, but they have the case of 12 including all the Wave 4 Ponies for $61.99, and tons of other My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic toys available.

Overall: I like Honeybuzz, but I’m not totally blown away by her. I always love orange-hued ponies, but it’s disappointing that both orange ponies released so far are Earth ponies on the same mold that come with the same saddle accessory. I know by nature all My Little Ponies are very similar, but Honeybuzz is basically just Applejack with a couple stripes in her hair and a different cutie mark. In addition, I think that Honeybuzz’s “pet” animal companion is freaky and scary. On the bright side, I adore Honeybuzz’s cutie mark and think it’s possibly the cutest one in the whole Friendship is Magic stable right now, and her character bio is a decent enough platform to begin creating her character based upon. It’s tough to recommend or not recommend a pony since everyone likes different things about different ponies, but if you like orange ponies and can deal with her monster bee companion, Honeybuzz is for you.


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  2. Completely agree with you on the pink. I would like to see some green, gray or cool toned blues.

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