TOY REVIEW: Spartan GUNGNIR Custom (Olive) Halo Reach Series 5 Action Figure (McFarlane Toys)

GUNGNIR Custom Spartan with Rocket Launcher Halo Reach Series 5It’s taken me a little while and quite a few Toy Reviews to get there, but tonight I’m finally reviewing the last non-exclusive single-pack figure in Halo Reach Series 5: the olive Spartan GUNGNIR Custom. I know what you’re thinking: “*groan* Not another Spartan! There are only so many Spartans you can have before they’re totally boring and don’t bring anything new to the table, right?”

Wrong. I was expecting another boring Spartan to stick in the back of the shelf with the other Spartans I don’t care much for. As it turns out, one of these Spartans is not like the others: this GUNGNIR Custom is one of the most fun and unique of all the Spartans…

The Right:

GUNGNIR Custom Spartan with Rocket Launcher Halo Reach Series 5I almost didn’t buy this action figure, as I’m fast getting to the point where I feel like I have “enough” Reach Spartans. I was going to buy individuals of all the figures I wanted from Halo Reach Series 5, but decided on a full case at the last minute. And I sure am glad I did, because this GUNGNIR Custom turned out to be perhaps the most diverse and exciting multiplayer Spartan McFarlane Toys has ever released!

At first I was a little baffled about why this Spartan was so unique, until I read the blurb off the McFarlane Toys website. It was so helpful and well-written that I’m going I’m going to go ahead and steal their explanation verbatim: “This heavily customized male Spartan features a top-of-the-line armor selection consisting of only the most expensive items available. From the Gungnir helmet with CBRN/HU/RS attachments to the Assault/Sapper chest with robotic arm, down to the Grenadier knee guards, this soldier spares no expense for protection and style. Figure features olive and tan armor, and includes the new Rocket Launcher weapon and a Frag Grenade.”

Covenant Ghost vs. GUNGNIR Custom Spartan with Rocket Launcher Halo Reach Series 5

Rocket Launcher beats Ghost, every single time.

So there you have it–McFarlane Toys specifically set out to make this Spartan “different”, and they have succeeded spectacularly. The secondary tan color is unique to this figure and really makes him stand out on the shelf, and this GUNGNIR Custom is the only male Spartan figure to ever come with the cybernetic arm. In addition, he’s one of the few Spartans outfitted with a pouch on his leg, and the only one I have with an ammo clip running down his wrist.

The GUNGNIR Custom is the first and only single-packed action figure with the all-new Rocket Launcher weapon so far, and it is a thing of beauty. The Rocket Launcher has the extreme level of detail we’ve come to expect, including small elements like the UNSC Logo. The huge unexpected surprise with the Rocket Launcher is the extendable handle bar! While there are several weapons in the Reach line that haven’t been sculpted in such a way to allow easy posing, this extra moving piece makes it possible for Spartans and other figures to have a much better chance of being able to properly hold the Rocket Launcher in a variety of poses.

Articulation is the standard outstanding 28 points that most all of the Reach Spartans have. All of the articulation is useful, and the joints are sturdy and capable of holding whatever pose you decide to put your GUNGNIR Spartan in.

Paintwise, everything is perfect. No uneven lines, no slop, no defects, no problems. In short, it’s in keeping with my high expectations for this line’s quality.

The Wrong:

Not to sound like a McFarlane kiss-ass, but this is a fundamentally perfect multiplayer Spartan figure. No complaints whatsoever.

GUNGNIR Custom Spartan with Rocket Launcher Halo Reach Series 5“Where Can I Buy It?!”

GUNGNIR Custom Spartan Halo Reach Series 5The Olive Spartan GUNGNIR Custom is part of the Halo Reach Series 5 case assortment shipping to all retailers, and is packed at one-per-case. Most Spartans tend to be popular, but you should be able to find one at retail with a little searching.

As far as online options go:

BigBadToyStore has the GUNGNIR Custom available at the regular retail price of just $11.99, and they also have a TON of other Halo Reach Series 5 items available at the best prices of any online store.

CMDStore has the Olive GUNGNIR Custom for $14.95 in-stock now, nearly every non-exclusive Halo Reach figure from every series available, and they also have the whole Series 5 set of 6 for $71.95.

Overall: The GUNGNIR Custom Spartan is a quintessential figure if you want to have one of every Spartan armor permutation without buying Armor Packs. Halo fans only interested in specific in-game characters need not apply, but for those who like Spartans and want one of the most cool and inspired custom armors ever, I cannot recommend any Spartan higher than this one. From the absolute most distinctive set of custom armor released in the line, to the best version of the Rocket Launcher ever, to the exorbitant attention to detail and uncompromising high-quality, this is certainly the most interesting and exciting multiplayer figure McFarlane Toys has ever put out.


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