TOY REVIEW: Snout Spout Masters of the Universe Classics Action Figure (Mattel)

Masters of the Universe Classics Snout SpoutI’m not really a big Masters of the Universe guy. I was in the room at NYCC when MOTU Classics was announced in 2008, but I wasn’t really excited because I was certain the line would flop before Mattel managed to release any of the wacky and obscure characters that I love from the brand. Luckily, I’m not always right and not only has MOTU Classics succeeded wildly beyond anyone’s expectations, but three years later we’re getting loads of off-the-wall, colorful characters. I still only own less than 10 MOTU Classics, but I’m loving the bizarre, diverse nature the line is moving in. So in a month that included such oddities as Bubble Power She-Ra and her winged rainbow horse, Swiftwind, there was no way I could pass up the quirkiness of Snout Spout, the heroic firefighter with a robot elephant head…

The Right:

Masters of the Universe Classics Snout Spout and Queen Marlena Action Figures

Secretly, all Snout Spout wants is Queen Marlena's love.

I’m gonna be honest here: Snout Spout was not in my top 10 most-wanted characters for this line. Or even my top 20. The 200x staction figure perverted the design too much and ended up looking way too menacing and demonic, whereas the vintage toy looked… well, stupid. But to my delight, as things turn out he’s one of my absolute favorite entries from the whole of Masters of the Universe Classics so far.

By far the funnest and most exciting feature of this upgraded Snout Spout figure is his snout. The snout is made a flexible plastic with a wire inside, which means that you can pose it however you want and it will stay in place surprisingly well. This feature adds a ton of depth and expressiveness to Snout Spout and greatly enhances his posing possibilities.

Masters of the Universe Snout Spout Box

It's a box. You probably have a bunch of these if you collect MOTU Classics. This one's special because it says Snout Spout's name on it.

While Snout Spout’s paint colors are exceptionally true to the vintage toy’s, the sculpt is so much improved that the colors end up looking deeper and more realistic. Snout Spout doesn’t look like Babar’s head got stuck on a He-Man body anymore–he looks like the tough cyborg warrior that he is.

Snout Spout includes two all-new weapons: a fireman’s axe and a jaws-of-life type weapon. Both weapons fit tightly and look great held in Snout Spout’s hands. The jaws-of-life work particularly well for capturing and holding up 4″-scale action figures such as Marvel Universe or Star Wars. In addition, Snout Spout has a brand new firefighting backpack and a harness to hold it onto his back. The backpack is an obvious homage to the staction figure, and adds an extra dimension of complexity and seriousness to Snout Spout’s appearance from the back or sides.

Sticker Sheet Masters of the Universe Classics


Quality-control is always a huge concern with any action figure I buy from Mattel, but the QC Gods have smiled upon my Snout Spout. All of his joints are strong and tight, and his paintjob was expertly applied and shows no apparent uneven lines or paint slop. I was concerned the neck joint might be too weak to support Snout Spout’s huge and heavy head, but it turns out his head has a great range of motion and stays put anywhere I pose it.

I was surprised when I opened Snout Spout’s white mailer box and a sheet full of stickers for different groups fell out. I thought the stickers had been a bonus for subscribers only, but I guess they’re going to everyone who bought the awesome elephantman that is Snout Spout. I wasn’t pining away for allegiance stickers like these, but I’m not one to look a free gift sticker-sheet in the mouth.

The Wrong:

I don’t really have any problems with this Snout Spout figure itself. I’m never thrilled about paying $20 for a MOTU figure, but he’s so well-done that it doesn’t bother me as much as usual. The concept of this character is a little silly, but he’s a unique heroic warrior from the vintage line, so he needed to be done for completeness’s sake. If you don’t buy Snout Spout, it’s should be because you don’t like the character or his appearance–the toy itself is stellar.

Masters of the Universe Classics Snout Spout

Snout Spout will fight fire any time, anywhere... even outer space!!

“Where Can I Buy It?!”

Masters of the Universe Classics Snout SpoutHere’s where things get tricky. Mattel has officially stated that no Masters of the Universe Classics toys released after September 2011 will be reissued. What this means is that supposedly what’s been released is all that will ever be produced. So with MattyCollector’s official site sold-out, all that leaves now is online stores and the secondary market forever.

BigBadToyStore has Snout Spout available for $31.99, which isn’t a terrible price since there’s no sales tax and you can combine shipping on orders with the Pile of Loot. In addition, they have tons of other MOTU Classics in-stock including She-Ra, Swiftwind and more.

CMDStore also has Snout Spout available for $34.95.

Amazon has Snout Spout available from many different sellers starting at $39.99, although toys go in and out of stock rapidly and prices change frequently at Amazon.

Overall:  If you hate the character of Snout Spout or his design that’s one thing, but as far as this action figure goes, Snout Spout is perfection. This is a fantastic, faithful update to the classic Snout Spout design. Snout Spout is extremely poseable and good at holding those poses, comes with lots of well-done accessories, a simple-yet-great paint job, and one of the better head sculpts in the line that I’ve seen. The bendable snout adds a layer of emotion and fluidity to the figure, making him one of the more versatile figures for your heroic warriors shelf.  There will never be a better Snout Spout figure than this made. An excellent outing for Matty and a huge recommend for MOTU Classics fans or fans of whimsical, quasi-robotic beast/monster figures.


Masters of the Universe Classics Snout Spout vs. Pokemon Flareon

Snout Spout's hatred of fire has no mercy... even for Pokémon!

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