COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Deathstroke #2 (DC Comics — The New 52)

Deathstroke #2 Cover DC Comics New 52It’s Month 2 of DC Comics’ The New 52! It’s do-or-die  this month for the books I bashed last month, and time to see if the titles I loved last month are as good as I thought! I’ll be reviewing all 52 #2 issues released this month, and you can find all of the reviews on the Comic Book Reviews index page. This week we get 13 more #2 issues, including Deathstroke #2! Deathstroke #1 irritated me with its lacking logic, but with issue 2 I think maybe I was missing the point. To quote last issue, we’re back with more of “the scariest badass on the planet”! Could this be the first book of the New 52 that saves itself from the “dropped” pile and get me to pre-order it again?   This review will be as spoiler-free as possible.

Looking at this book from a critical perspective last issue, I was totally turned off by the way Deathstroke was portrayed as being absolutely invincible and untouchable. And the notion that nobody would hire Deathstroke for mercenary jobs any more because they weren’t sure if he “still had it” was quite simply insane. This time around, I tried to come at this book from a different angle, turned my brain off, and just sat back and enjoyed the show. As it turns out, that makes this book infinitely more entertaining.

Despite myself, I caught myself laughing and grinning at the wild amounts of carnage, blood, and murder as Deathstroke shows off what an unstoppable badass he is. For a sheer testosterone-soaked action comic book where the plot is secondary to the main character effortlessly cutting bars full of mercenaries in half, Deathstroke absolutely cannot be beaten.

“Where Can I Buy It?!”

The obvious place to buy new comic books is your local comic book store, but if you don’t have one or can’t get to it, I highly recommend giving Things from Another World ( a try! They stock a crazy huge number of comic books including Deathstroke #1 and #2, and the prices on new releases and graphic novels are always 10-30% below cover price. I’ve been buying from TFAW for close to a decade now and never had a bad experience, so I have total confidence in their value and quality. Click here if you wanna take a look at buying comics from Things from Another World.

Overall: It’s pretty stunning to me, but this Deathstroke series has won me over as a guilty pleasure. This book is not going to win any awards, but it’s a hell of a good time reading it in small doses. I didn’t pre-order Deathstroke #3, so I’ll have to make a special trip to the comic book store to pick it up, but if it makes me smile and laugh with the same crazy over-the-top action as this issue, it’ll be well worth the trip.

Will I be pre-ordering the next issue of Deathstroke? Yes.


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