TOY REVIEW: Disney Vinylmation 9″ Bolt the Dog (Animation Series 1)

TOY REVIEW: Disney Vinylmation 9″ Bolt

Disney Vinylmation 9" Bolt the DogI wasn’t entirely planning on buying any more of these, but it seems that these plastic mice are like crack. While visiting the brand-new Times Square Disney Store in NYC yesterday, I stumbled across a display of freshly put-out 9″ Vinylmation figures. Presumably, this was a mistake, as these figures have apparently not been released at any other Disney Store or at any Disney Park, and aren’t supposed to be released until spring. Which means I’ve got the world-exclusive first review! I don’t think I’ve ever been first in the world to find any collectible–ever–so I’m stoked beyond belief about finding these unexpectedly in the wild. I’ll review Bolt today and Merlin this week.

Bolt vs Sinestro and a HALO Spartan

Even Sinestro's yellow lantern ring is no match for Bolt's super-canine powers.

“So, you said you weren’t going to buy any more vinyl mice?”

As I said, I wasn’t sure I’d be buying any more of these Disney Vinylmation figures, as they are a little bit expensive and I’ve been seriously trying to cut back on all of my collecting lately.

But I looked at Bolt, Bolt looked at me, one thing led to another and now he’s on display in my glass detolf. Luckily, I took loads of pictures for this review before shutting him away behind glass, where he can be appreciated for the fine art that he is and he’ll also be protected from nasty things like light and dust. I kinda wish I could live behind glass and be protected from the elements as well, but alas, there are no detolfs for people yet.

Disney Vinylmation 9" vs 3" Size Comparison

Bolt is, uh, big for his age.

“Exactly who’s this Bolt dog? Was he in The Little Mermaid?”

Uh, no. Bolt is actually kind’ve an odd choice for Disney to make a limited-edition 9″ vinyl figure of. He’s a dog (voiced by John Travolta) who starred in the 2008 film “Bolt”. In the movie, Bolt stars in a TV show where he protects a young girl with his super-dog abilities, but he actually believes that the show is real and he does have superpowers (he doesn’t really have any). He’s sort of like Buzz Lightyear as a dog, but much cuter and more lovable. This movie was moderately successful, but it’s not a Pixar film, nor is it considered one of the Walt Disney Classics, so I was surprised to see Bolt chosen for a 9″ figure.

Disney Vinylmation 9" Bolt Dog Collar Tag

Yeah, I'm excited because that dog tag is a separate piece of plastic and not just painted on. Crazy, huh?

“How’s Bolt different from all the other vinyl mice?”

Well, the obvious difference is that this particular vinyl mouse has the Bolt character design painted onto it, as designed by artist Maria Clapsis (at least, that’s what the little artist card he came with tells me). So he’s a mouse painted as a dog, and it surprisingly works astonishingly well. The other big difference between him and every other mouse is that he has a movable dog tag with his name on it on an elastic band that goes under his neck. It’s really quite striking and adds a new element to the aesthetic of this figure. I didn’t like the idea of accessories on these mice at first–it seemed like cheating–but it works great in this instance.

I wish I had a lightning bolt on my butt.

I wish I had a lightning bolt on my butt.

“Is there only a design on the front of Bolt?”

As you can see in the pictures, the design of Bolt carries over onto his sides and back. He comes complete with poofy dog tail and lightning bolt birthmark on his butt.

“Are there an unlimited number of these being made?”

Nope, not at all. Bolt is part of the Animation Series 1 9″ set of Vinylmation figures, and is strictly limited to just 1,000 pieces produced in the entire world. Because he’s a limited-edition collectible vinyl figure, which those 1,000 are sold that’s the end. There won’t be any reprint or re-release, as these are considered high-end collectibles.

Disney Vinylmation Bolt Artist Card

Yep, it's a little paper card alright.

“I want Bolt! Where can I buy him?”

They had 2 left at the Times Square Disney Store yesterday after I left. They’re probably long gone since this figure was mistakenly released early, but the other 997 pieces of Bolt produced should be available at the Disney Parks or in the spring. I believe that the fancier, flagship Disney Stores such as the ones in New York City and other large cities should also be carrying the 9″ Animation Series 1 vinyls when they’re officially released in the spring as well.

Because these are limited vinyls, you can’t buy them at regular stores like Toys R Us or Wal-Mart or anything like that.

As you might expect, there's really not a lot to the side view of this pup.

“So what’s the verdict on this figure? Worth it?”

It’s a little tough to assign a grade to a Vinylmation, since they’re all essentially the same 3-points-of-articulation figure except for the design painted onto the mouse and any little accessories they may have. Bolt is absolutely adorable, though, and his character design translated beautifully into a Vinylmation mouse design. Disney went the extra mile including his dog tog as a movable accessory instead of just painting it on. I really can’t think of any way that this figure could have been improved (other than lowering the super-high price tag), so I’m giving him a high grade a glowing recommendation for any vinyl collectors who enjoy Absolutely recommended.


Disney 9" Vinylmation Bolt Feet

"I'm 1 of 1,000! Cool!"

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10 Responses to TOY REVIEW: Disney Vinylmation 9″ Bolt the Dog (Animation Series 1)

  1. Dave says:

    Made in China?? Really? Are they painted in China, too? And did you see the movie, “Bolt”? If yes, did you see it before this particular vinylmation stole your soul heart? Don’t get me wrong, I do find these creatures adorable and artistic from time to time – but I must admit I don’t understand the value of them.

    • dabid says:

      Hey–Don’t knock China. There’s Hong Kong Disney, so China is part of the Disney Empire as well, which is why this vinyl is blessed with fairy dust like all other Disney merchandise!

      To answer your question, I saw Bolt as soon as it came out on DVD. I *wanted* to see it in theaters, but my wife wouldn’t let me “waste” the money on tickets. Much like the vastly underrated “Meet the Robinsons”, I enjoyed “Bolt” a heck of a lot more than some of the recent Pixar flicks like “Wall-E” and “Ratatouille”.

      As far as “value” goes… well, in general I prefer the abstract thoughts and ideas that are captured on these mice as art. However, I think there’s something to be said for trapping the soul and personality and meaning of a character’s totality within a vinyl as well. That’s hard to do, but I really feel like this vinyl captured the essence of Bolt perfectly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Having not seen ‘Bolt’ nor the specific Vinyl representation of him that you’ve purchased, I will take your word for it that this high-end collectible captures the essence like you say. If this is true, I highly respect and support the purchase, no matter the price!!

        Thank you for the Hong Kong/China connection. All these vinyls may not actually be produced in sweat shops. But they might be, right? Jury’s out on that.

        All this talk, though, has reminded me of a film we were going to watch, eh? Let’s own it today!! Can we!? Can we can we can we!!?!!?!!?

  2. Wait! Wait!!! says:

    Way better trailer! Ignore the other!!!!


    • carlminez says:

      I approve of everything Bolt, so I definitely approve of this. But I think I would prefer the plushy or anything that looks more like the actual dog from the movie. (He was quite handsome, wasn’t he?)

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  5. Alyssa Nojima says:

    the artist signature on the bottom and the artist name on the card are different. THe card says Maria Claspis and the signature is Monty Maldovan

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  7. Anonymous says:

    he is really cute. I found one on some odd website for 91$.

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