TOY REVIEW: Halo Reach Ghost Vehicle (McFarlane Toys)

TOY REVIEW: Halo Reach Ghost Vehicle

Halo Reach Covenant Ghost in the BoxAlong with the incredibly hotly-anticipated Warthog, McFarlane Toys debuted a second vehicle in the Halo Reach line this fall: the somewhat-anticipated Covenant Ghost.

The Grunt looks pretty good on the Ghost. At least from a horrible camera angle.

The Grunt looks pretty good on the Ghost. At least from a horrible camera angle.

What’s a Ghost? From Halopedia: “The Ghost is a one-man gravity-effect vehicle, primarily used in a reconnaissance and close infantry support or rapid attack role. Known for its speed and maneuverability as well as its near silent anti-gravity propulsion system the Type-32’s use in the field by the Covenant is varied but can adjust very quickly and easily for any role required at any moment.”

What kinda features does it have? The seat extends out, the flaps are adjustable, and the cannons on the front can pivot upwards or downwards. At least, in theory. The cannons on mine are so loose that they just kinda flop down no matter what I try to do with them. Aaaand… that’s about it.

What’s it cost? It costs $19.99 + tax at Target, Toys R Us and Wal-mart.

The Back of the Box of the Covenant Ghost

The Back of the box in almost as exciting as the vehicle.

Does it come with a figure? Nope. Unlike the Mongoose which was slightly smaller and came with a Spartan figure (a $10-$12 value), the Ghost comes with absolutely nothing but itself. Originally it was scheduled to come with either a Grunt or an Elite, but apparently McFarlane Toys couldn’t make that cost out and the figure was canceled.


So $20 and no figure? Is it worth it…? In my opinion, no. The Ghost doesn’t feel like a $20 vehicle to me. Maybe $15 max. I bought it because I’m obsessed with Halo and I have all the other Halo vehicles, but otherwise I wouldn’t have paid $20 + tax for this.

I like these odds! At least, if I'm a Spartan I do...

I like these odds! At least, if I'm a Spartan I do...

So if it’s a Covenant vehicle, it fits all the Covenant troops, right? Well… no. I tried to put my Halo Reach Grunt Ultras on it, and they didn’t fit well at all. In fact, I was concerned I was going to break off the Grunt Ultra’s limbs trying to get him poses solidly on it, so I gave up. The Halo 3 Grunts are much too small to look right on the Ghost. And the Halo 3 Elites are too stiff and unposeable to position correctly on the Ghost. That leaves the only real hope for Covenant troops to ride this properly being the Reach Elites, but I don’t have any of those open at the moment. Even so, it’s a bad sign that at least 95% (and possibly 100%) of the Covenant troops released so far can’t ride the only Covenant vehicle very well.

“Where Can I Buy It?!”

These were available at mass retail back in September 2010, but they have long, long since sold out at mass retail. You might find one or two hanging around a store somewhere in leftover stock, but it’s very unlikely at this point. You can buy this right now for about $15 on Amazon (you can click here to go right to it). As that price is below the original in-store price, that’s a great deal if you want this vehicle, as it’s extremely unlikely McFarlane Toys will re-release this specific vehicle.

Covenant Ghost vs. UNSC MongooseOverall: I’m not someone to complain about price, but I really don’t think I got my 20 dollars worth out of the Ghost. Whereas the Warthog is HUGE and full of cool features and fun and diorama possibilities for $30, I found the Ghost to be comparatively dull and uninteresting, even at a $20 pricepoint. The Covenant troops I have don’t fit into the vehicle well, and I’m not really interested in putting Spartans into it. Still, this is the one and only Covenant vehicle released in the three year-old Halo line, and a virtual must for dioramas so that the Covenant isn’t totally slaughtered by the UNSC’s Warthogs and Mongooses. The Ghost gets a recommendation, even though it’s definitely not the most impressive part of the Halo line.


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2 Responses to TOY REVIEW: Halo Reach Ghost Vehicle (McFarlane Toys)

  1. thomas says:

    I always liked vehicles more than figures. I had maybe 3 GI Joe guys, but tons of the vehicles. Oh man those were cool toys, I wonder if I still have them all… I know there are some in a box in the closet in the gym room, or “sweaty death room” as I call it.

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