Dabid’s Blog – Fun with the Kinect! Ryan tells the Kinect exactly what he thinks of it. With his middle fingers.

Ryan would kill me if he realized I was posting this photo. But he stopped reading my entries, so he’ll never know. Mwahaha.

Anyway, after months of relentlessly bashing the Kinect motion camera for the XBox 360, I became infatuated with it on Sunday when I realized the nearly-released peripheral was a hot item. I failed to find one at retail, and then blew $100 in Gamestop giftcards ordering it from Gamestop.com.

It finally came today, and after two hours of troubleshooting, I managed to set it up on my own. The only game I have–at the moment–is Kinect Adventures, which I only have because it came free. I played a bit, and found it to be fun, if not horribly flawed and stupid. I definitely see the life and fun in the concept of the Kinetic, however.

I set the Kinect up for Jen and Ryan, but they both made fun of the Kinect ruthlessly, and really didn’t try to enjoy playing it. Disappointment. I’m holding out hope that they’ll warm up to it, though. Maybe Kinect Adventures, a collection of cobbled-together half-assed mini-games, wasn’t the best game to try to hook them with.

Full review of Kinect Adventures to follow in a few days. It shan’t be all that positive, but it may not be totally negative either…

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