A Day in the Life! Thrills! Excitement! Dabid waits for maintenance!

I was going to blog about how I sat around waiting for maintenance to come and fix the furnace all day, but I realized I could just as easily shamelessly plug my Twitter account. (Did you know I tweet a link to this blog every time I update? It’s true! You can have these helpful updates sent to you just by following me on Twitter! Believe it!)

Here’s what you missed today…

MaxGoof (Dabid)
Well, I made the dreaded call to maintenance about fixing the heat. Now I’m chained to the apartment all day until they come. Woo…
11 hours ago

MaxGoof (Dabid)
Why are you so slow, maintenance? WHYYYY?? All I want is to go for a walk (and maybe a toy run), but I can’t leave till maintenance comes…
8 hours ago

MaxGoof (Dabid)
Still no maintenance. Thank God they gave me that time range of “sometime today” so I wasn’t stuck at home all day… [/sarcasm]
7 hours ago

MaxGoof (Dabid)
HOLY SHIT! Maintenance is here! And it only took them 7 hours to come! I’m glad to see they’re worried about us freezing to death…
5 hours ago

MaxGoof (Dabid)
Two and a half hours later, maintenance is gone. But they’re coming back on Monday. God help me.
3 hours ago

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