“You Found Me”… at the Gas Station! Dabid’s 2nd Song ID!

An Upstanding Hess Station

It was a Hess Express just like this one...

Alright, maybe my life is boring, but the high point of my day and perhaps what will end up being the high point of my week is a trip to the gas station.

Yeah, you heard me. The gas station.

On my way to work this morning, I realized I was critically low on gas and probably not going to make it to work without stopping. (Which is different from my usual worries that I won’t make it to work because of, y’know–my car suffering a terminal breakdown or something.)

So, I resigned myself to being merely on-time to work instead of early, and stopped at a nearby Hess Station. (Which, not coincidentally, is the nicest gas station in the area. I hate shoddy gas stations. I’m such an elitist snob…)

You might think that I got gas and that’s the end of the story. Ho-hum, right? But you would be wrong.

You Found Me by The FrayHere’s the really cool part–at the pumps they were blaring “You Found Me” by The Fray! In my limited mainstream musical exposure, The Fray is in my current Top 3 with The Ataris and Goo Goo Dolls, so hearing that band being played was doubly cool. But what made it triply cool was that “You Found Me” is not only my favorite Fray song, but also the subject of my most recent Song Meaning & Music Analysis! (Did you read it? You should have. Go ahead. It’s right here. Go!)

I put in a lot of time listening to this song and bonding with it and understanding it and analyzing it, so being able to hear a song that’s meaningful to me played in public for the first time is sorta a big deal to me.

I was really surprised that they were playing at the gas pumps–especially so loud–since I go to that gas station a lot and I never noticed it before. In retrospect I think they’re always playing music at the pumps, and I’m just oblivious because I’ve never been able to recognize any music.

Events like these are a big reason I wanted to “learn” music. I wanted to live in this world and be part of it, rather than being myself living with a cardboard backdrop behind me. So it’s pretty fulfilling being able to go somewhere and recognize our culture as being something relevant to me personally, even something “trivial” like a song.

I’m starting to feel like I might be a little bit more a part of the culture around me. I like that.

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