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Dabid’s Blog – VIDEO RUMBLE! Dabid and Dave settle their differences… in Kinect Sports!

  Dabid & Dave Kinect Sports Battle Originally uploaded by Dabid_R2DB After much begging and harassing, I got Dave to make a long-anticipated trip here to New York for the past half week (which is why I’ve had no blog … Continue reading

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Angry Nerd Rock! An Internet Survey (of a sort) about Dabid’s Music Tastes!

I’m taking a break from meaningful content to complete a useless internet activity. Sorry–I just can’t resist this crap. Although, if you’re reading my blog, it just might be worth reading the whole survey just to get some insight into … Continue reading

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Song Meaning, Song Lyrics and Music Analysis: “Faster” (by Third Eye Blind)

When I first heard the Third Eye Blind song “Faster”, I liked how it sounded. It sounded fast. It sounded fun. Then I listened to the words. Then I didn’t like it anymore. Or to be more specific, I deemed … Continue reading

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TOY REVIEW: Serving Droid R2-D2 (Star Wars The Vintage Collection)

TOY REVIEW: Serving Droid R2-D2 I own at least 4 dozen astromech droid figures that I’ve bought since the resurrection of Star Wars toys 15 years ago, and two dozen of them are R2-D2 himself. No, seriously. Ask my wife. … Continue reading

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Darkest Night! The first Green Lantern Trailer reviewed! And predictably, it’s bad…

I’m a pretty big comic book nerd. I spend thousands of dollars on comic books and superhero-related merchandise each year, and have been collecting superhero stuff since, well… longer than my memory goes. So you’d think I’d love the current … Continue reading

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TOY REVIEW: Halo Reach Ghost Vehicle (McFarlane Toys)

TOY REVIEW: Halo Reach Ghost Vehicle Along with the incredibly hotly-anticipated Warthog, McFarlane Toys debuted a second vehicle in the Halo Reach line this fall: the somewhat-anticipated Covenant Ghost. What’s a Ghost? From Halopedia: “The Ghost is a one-man gravity-effect … Continue reading

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TOY REVIEW: New Mutants Marvel Minimates

TOY REVIEW: New Mutants Marvel Minimates Among my biggest collecting pipe dreams is to have a full lineup of one of my favorite teams in all of comicbookdom ever: the 1980’s New Mutants. Probably the first comic team I ever … Continue reading

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