Savory! Chiji’s Specialty Burger, “Chili’s” Vegetarian Menu, and Dabid IDs a song at a restaurant!

The Chiji's logo. Anyone who says that isn't a 'j' is clearly blind.

The Chiji's logo. Anyone who says that isn't a 'j' is clearly blind.

I had a pretty crap day today (for a totally different reason than from when I usually have a crap day), so I wanted to go out and do something tonight. Not wanting to fall back on the same two restaurants I go to every week (Moe’s Southwest and Panera Bread), I used my handy Naruto-colored iPhone to search for vegetarian fare in Clifton Park. (Being vegetarian really sucks when you’re looking to go out.)

To my surprise, one of the top hits to come up was Chiji’s! (Some people say it’s “Chili’s”, but I disagree.) I was like, “I’ve been to Chiji’s. They don’t have anything vegetarian.” But I checked out the website, and they have a whole vegetarian menu that I was too out-of-it to notice before! And I was like, “Whoa! We’re going.” And after getting permission from Jen, we were in fact going.

The Chili's Ground Peppercorn Burger!

The Ground Peppercorn Burger! Mine looked like this, but with more beans and no onion ring strips.

I got the Ground Peppercorn Burger, which is the first specialty-burger I’ve ever gotten in my life. (The substitution that makes it vegetarian is a black-bean patty and taking away the onion ring strips.) It’s covered in black pepper and spices and bleu cheese dressing and has enough of a bite to it that it’s totally amazing. I was happy! I haven’t been to a new restaurant I liked in literally years.

Here comes the really exciting part, though. While we were in Chiji’s, I heard something that sounded vaguely familiar. It was a song! I recognized it, which is a big freaking deal, because I’ve never recognized a song at a restaurant before! Because, you know–they don’t play very many (any) anime theme songs in restaurants.

Ursa Major Album Cover - Third Eye Blind

Contrary to what you'd think, there are no songs about bears on this album.

I wanted to use the Shazam app on my phone to confirm the ID, but the song was playing too quietly. I had a certain degree of certainty, though, so I wasn’t too worried. I went home and positively confirmed it anyway–“Bonfire” by Third Eye Blind from the Ursa Major album!

I actually skimmed over that whole album during my binge of 2000+ new songs last month, but I went back and absorbed it this week–this was definitely fate!! I didn’t know I had “recognizing a song at a restaurant” as a life goal, but I definitely feel it now. I feel accomplished.

I totally could learn to really like Chiji’s…

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