The Bowen Designs “Psylocke” Statue (Or: “What Women -REALLY- Look Like.”)

Bowen Designs Full Size Statue - Psylocke

"Real women don't look like this." Ch'yeah, right.

I’ve only purchased two new foot-tall comic book statues in 2010: the modern Captain America and my long-awaited favorite X-Men character, the British-accented Japanese ninja, Psylocke! To say I’m pleased to get a Psylocke statue after many years of waiting is an understatement.

A visitor to my home this week took notice of my new statue and tried to tell me that the “Psylocke” statue by Bowen Designs was actually anatomically inaccurate. He tried to convince me that women are not shaped like this statue. In fact, he tried to specify that no woman ever looks like this statue. He even tried to say that womens’ legs don’t come this long, and their upper bodies aren’t built like this.

That just may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

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