Music Analysis Writer’s Block! To Music Analyze or Not To Music Analyze: That is the Question.

I think I’m experiencing what I can only decribe as Music Analysis Writer’s Block.

I haven’t written a Music Analysis in a couple weeks not because I’m lazy or too busy (though I am both), but actually because I haven’t been inspired by anything to write about it. This is especially crazy since I’ve listened to over 1,000 new songs in the last two weeks, but even so, nothing has really resonated with me.

I tried finding music that would interest me with Pandora’s service, but that failed totally. They kept trying to recommend Vertical Horizon and Matchbox Twenty to me, so I went ahead and listened to the complete discographies for both of them. Disappointingly, the Vertical Horizon music puts me to sleep and the Matchbox Twenty singer’s voice grates on me.

Most of the older Linkin Park music hurts my ears and their more introspective pieces are inferior to their more modern ones.

Struggled through very little of the Green Day discography before being totally put off by it.

Third Eye Blind… very few things that appeal to me. Majority of their stuff is either too offensive or too dull-sounding for my tastes.

I like Sting live, but most of his recorded stuff pales–I really only like about 10 songs from his CDs.

At the rate I’m going, I may have eliminated the entirety of popular music from consideration by the end of the year…

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1 Response to Music Analysis Writer’s Block! To Music Analyze or Not To Music Analyze: That is the Question.

  1. Dave says:

    Which direction did you go through Green Day? I suggest (for you) starting from the end and going back from there.

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