Power Outages and the Men Who Hate Them


I was hard at work in the afternoon working on a project, serenaded by the calming pitter-patter of little raindrops outside, when the power flickered off. Ordinarily I wouldn’t care, but I was working on something for about half an hour and through lack of foresight hadn’t saved it. So I was pretty irritated about that.

My computer is a little (a lot) old, so it took about 10 minutes (not an exaggeration) to restart and get Firefox up and running again. Not wanting to repeat my work at that moment, I decided to set forth on a Blog entry instead. I worked for about 15 minutes, when suddenly the power flickered again and I lost everything. If I’d saved a Draft it would’ve been fine, but obviously, I did not. Urge to kill Mother Nature–rising.

Illustrating my ultimate hubris, after another 10-minute computer restart, I then went back to writing my Blog entry again, refusing to succumb to nature’s peer pressure and save my writing every 5 seconds. I got about 8 minutes into writing before the power flickered and I lost all my work one more time.

Ironically, that was the last time that the power flickered. I’m confident, though, that when (not if) I go back to write that same post again, Mother Nature will definitely give me the finger again.

Make my day, Mother Nature! You won’t break me!

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