“Honor the Code”! …Or not. The case of the Mountain Dew / HALO Scam!

Totodile does not approve of this promotion.

Totodile does not approve of this promotion.

Dave and Ryan and I did one of my 10 favorite things to do in the world Wednesday night: Bowling!!! (I don’t know what my other 9 favorite things to do are yet.)

I had my worst games yet, bowling a fantastically poor 60-something the last game. I did get 3 strikes across three games, but I followed them all up with either gutterballs or hitting one pin. So that wasn’t so great.

But–BUT!! There was something even more important than bowling at the bowling alley: Collectibles! (Of a sort.) Ryan’s keen eyes caught sight of the most exciting thing in the bowling alley–HALO Reach-flavored paper cups being given out with large sodas! But that’s not all! Not only does your soda purchase get you a promotional paper cup, but each cup has a code on it that you can take online and check to see if you’ve won “Elite Prizes”! Nowhere on any of the fine print on the cup does it give any indication of what said “Elite Prizes” might be, but hey, they’re “Elite”, so they must be damned cool, right?

So we hauled home the empty soda cup, with visions of Elite Prizes dancing in my head. Given no restrictions, my mind was able to run wild as to what said Elite Prizes might be: HALO Clothes? Special HALO XBox Accessories? Free HALO items in the XBOX Avatar store? Or (be still my heart) HALO figures to add to my Spartan army?!

"Honor the Code" my ass.

"Honor the Code" my ass.

So we made it home, where I near-immediately went for my computer to enter the code and claim my Elite Prize. Except when I got to the site, it wouldn’t let me enter the code. Odd.

So I read through the text on the site, and found out I’d need to register with the site in order to test my code. Okay. Thus, I began filling out the extensive information they wanted in order to send me my Elite Prizes. Including my name, address, phone number, E-Mail address, and so forth. And such, HonorTheCode.com claimed all of my personal information for their no-doubt nefarious databse of evil.

But no matter! I was able to enter my code now and see what I’d won! I carefully entered the code, double-checking each character before submitting it.

And was met with a message saying my code wasn’t valid and to enter a valid one. Strange.

So I re-entered the code, being twice as careful this time. Invalid code.

So I had Jen double-check the code. Invalid code.

So I had Jen enter the code herself. Invalid code.

And at that point, I realized that I had been had. Mountain Dew had all of my personal information, and I had no valid code and no Elite Prizes were forthcoming.

Disappointed as I am, I’m also grudgingly impressed by their nefarious scheme. Oh, I’ll be as rude and obscene as I’m able with the first Mountain Dew person who calls or E-Mails me with my ill-gotten personal information, but I am impressed nonetheless. Bravo, Mountain Dew. Bravo.

Mokona loves Mountain Dew!

Mokona loves Mountain Dew! But not as much as saké...

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16 Responses to “Honor the Code”! …Or not. The case of the Mountain Dew / HALO Scam!

  1. Anonymous says:

    its either only o and no zero or reverse but it is still a scam

    • Anonymous says:

      use either all zeros or letter o i forget which one i have entered about 75 and have not won jack and I never get buy one get one free anymore

  2. Anonymous says:

    i gave up on using the cup ones after i watched an employee writing them down. though i have to say its fishy when i have three 20 oz caps with codes from sealed bottles that say they aren’t valid.

  3. Victor says:

    I am having the same issue…
    This sucks!

  4. Rob C says:

    I was able to enter my codes just fine, but I have an even worse story for you that clearly proves this is a sham.

    The way the contest works is once you put in your code into a certain prize drawing, one winner is chosen from each prize every 15 minutes. I waited a month until the masses stopped putting in codes constantly, and decided to enter on October 10 with just 3 codes that I had laying around.

    I entered to win one of the new Xbox 360s. Prior to entering my codes, NO ONE was entered to win that prize. I entered my codes, they were verified, and I was in. As I watched the 15 minutes expire, I remained the only person who was entered in the drawing for that particular prize.

    However, I did not win. If I was the only one signed up to win the prize, how did I not win?


    • You idiots says:

      Your an idiot!

      First off you don’t just win cause your the only one that entered. Mt Dew has an auto code generator that every 15 mins there software will generate a code that is in circulation if your code happens to be the one that is selected that you win it’s a one in a million chance actually it’s like 1 in 300 billion chance but you can sill win.

      Secondly that is know way of knowing how many people have entered in a specific drawing. The only listing you will see it what you entered after the time has lapsed it will be closed for entry and then begins the possess above

  5. JC says:

    The reason it says “Invalid code” is because and this part is a fact. That if you do not buy the soda bottle or the Doritos bags the code will stay invalid, because unless the bar code is scaned the code will stay deactivated.

  6. MR says:

    The current Mountain Dew Halo Sweepstakes does not list how many entries there are for any given drawing as it did in the past. The number listed is how many code entries YOU have placed for that particular drawing, not how many overall, they never list how many total. I have been reaping bottle caps from the returns barrel where I work and they all enter just fine unless someone has already written the code down and beat me to registering it. There are no zero numbers, they are o’s, as in “oh my”. I played a previous contest, won 3 hoodies, a Transformers toy and a beanie cap I am wearing right now. The contest is no scam, but you do have to wait for a couple months past the contest ending date for the stuff to start showing up in the mail, they won’t notify you ahead of time, AND you can only win one prize per category, so no multiple hoodies this time around.

  7. JW says:

    im not trying to steal your code but i entered it and i was able to get it in corectly. email me what prize you want and ill mail it to you. im in the lone wolf category.

  8. aria says:

    i just began entering my codes this morning from all of the 20 oz halo bottles i had returned. i saved all of the caps and i have about 60. the first 40 i entered were valid…no problem at all. now i keep getting the invalid code message for the rest. i tried ALL of the rest and they are all invalid? maybe mt dew thought i had entered enough, not sure. all i know is that i can’t contact anyone and i have no idea what to do. i did the pepsi rock band sweeps last year and won an x-box and rock band pack. i also won a wesc headset in the mt dew green label thing. i have never had any problem before. MR is right about the wait…i had no idea i even won and i had forgotten about the contest. then one day i came home to find the boxes! woo hoo!

    anyways, if anyone knows why i seem to have a daily limit, please let me know.

  9. Tank Grigorian says:

    Hey Aria,
    i have the same problem. i saved up my caps since mid september now i registered about 90 of my 160 and each and everyone after i hit my 90 mark is listed as invalid.

  10. Anonymous says:

    everyone on this site is stupid, you cant tell how many caps are put in and i already have won the xbox 360 and the wireless headset, its not a scam.

  11. Anonymous says:

    A Halo Reach LE showed up on my doorstep yesterday out of the blue. It’s not a scam!

  12. matt says:

    halo reach arrived today so cool I dont even have an x box 360

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