Music Woes: Linkin Park’s Emo and Dabid’s Disillusionment

Despite being told I wouldn’t like it–at all–I went ahead and downloaded a Linkin Park album. I really liked both of their Transformers movie closing themes, so I thought I might have a similar affection for their other music. In my mind, I made the relation: they’re emo, I like emo, so I’ll like their emo.

And I was wrong.

I wouldn’t say anything dramatic like I was traumatized by the Linkin Park album, but it was definitely mentally painful to listen to. Their screaming in the songs didn’t really bother me, but their alleged emotions did.

I can’t find it in my heart to believe that these millionaire rock stars are suffering in the terrible way they express in their music. It doesn’t feel genuine to me. It feels like the band is putting on a mask of what they believe their audience wants to hear, and channeling false emotions for money. If the substance of the song isn’t real, is it still worthwhile? Can a work of art have any value if the human emotion that created it isn’t authentic? I don’t think so…

This, combined with Stan Bush’s new album, “Dream the Dream”, being subpar and derivative, has led to me feeling very disillusioned with my current music exploration efforts…

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