TOY REVIEW: Transformers Generations Drift

TOY REVIEW: Transformers Generations Drift

Mint in Package!

The Awesome:

  • This is the first time I can remember a toy being produced of a Transformer created for the comic books in a long, long time. Even Jhiaxus of Generation 2 fame doesn’t have his own toy, so this is a big freakin’ deal. As luck would have it, I also happen to like Drift a hell of a lot more than most Transformers, so it works out just peachy.

The Good:

  • Drift’s bio is refreshing and true-to-the-comics. For those not familiar with Drift, he was created back in 2009 for Shane McCarthy’s All Hail Megatron series. Basically, Drift was a ruthless Decepticon who did one too many terrible deeds. He saw the light and became an Autobot to make ammends for his mistakes. It’s really compelling stuff, and he’s quickly become one of my 10 Favorite Transformers characters ever. If there are any other Autobots who are reformed Decepticons, I don’t know who they are. (BW Dinobot and Blackarachnia weren’t Decepticons.)

Transformers Spotlight: Drift

  • Drift comes with not one but three awesome swords. Any Transformer who comes with more weapons that he can hold at one time is good in my book. Not only does Drift come with a giant katana, but he also includes two shortswords that fit comfortably into his doors for storage while in car mode, and also act as sheathes he can draw them out of in robot mode. This works well and looks great.
It's over!
Keyblade vs. Cybertronian Katana!
  • Drift has a great range of motion and can hold many interesting poses. His car mode doesn’t really interfere with his range of motion much in robot mode, and he can hold a badass two-handed longsword pose. That’s really all I ask for so far as poseability is concerned in a Transformers toy.
  • Both robot and vehicle modes look exceptional. The white/red color scheme is crisp and vibrant, and Drift stands out from other Transformers on the shelf due to the great stylings on his doors.

The Bad:

  • I like that he has an anti-“sheathe” on his back to stick his giant katana in, but I think it’s a little doofy that it can only hold his sword totally vertically. It really should have been built with a swivel so it could sit at a slight angle on Drift’s back. It doesn’t ruin the toy, but it keeps me from having Drift wear his katana since it looks stupid and cumbersome pointing straight down into the ground.

The Ridiculous:

  • Nothing. Really great all-around.

Overall: Drift is a breath of freshness as far as design, personality, fighting style… everything. Drift will be hard to beat when I decide my Transformer of the Year at the end of the year. Highly recommended for anyone who likes Transformers toys, and especially fans of the IDW Transformers comics.


By the Power of Greyskull!
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