TOY REVIEW: Star Wars The Vintage Collection Bespin Cloud Car

Vintage Collection Bespin Cloud Car

I was going to review some more HALO figures tonight, but I wanted to branch out a little, so we’ll leave my love affair with the  Grunt Ultras to talk about another day, and discuss the Twin-Pod Cloud Car today instead.

Cloud Kickin'

I’ve waited 15 years for a Twin-Pod Cloud Car, and Hasbro said it would never happen. But after 15 years of bitching from collectors,  they finally relented, so I felt kinda obligated to buy it.

Just like an orange double-popsicle!

I looked for a screenshot to show exactly where these are in ESB, but there are none I could find.  Because no one cares about the Twin-Pod Cloud Car except obsessive collectors. That said, the Cloud Cars are “famous” for reining in the Milennium Falcon when it got too close to Cloud City without clearing a flight plan. How these can not be popular, I truly do not know.

I’m going to be experimenting with different review formats for the time being, so bear with me.

The Amazing:

  • Let’s get this out of the way: It’s the freaking Twin-Pod Cloud Car! “They” said it couldn’t be done–but here it is! “They” were wrong! It is a testament to the depth and strength of the modern Star Wars line that we have a mass-produced toy of a passive vehicle with literally seconds of screen-time 30 years after its only appearance.

The Good:

  • The Cloud Car is perfectly on-model and to-scale. It has everything you would expect from the vehicle based upon its movie appearance–which basically means it has two pods and two opening cockpits. But wait–that’s not all!
  • Fearing (and probably rightfully so) that a passive traffic-controller OT (Original Trilogy) vehicle might not be a hit with kids, Hasbro integrated an EU (Expanded Universe) attack mode into this vehicle! The Cloud Car can split into two parts that can attack separately, and transform into an attack mode where it can fire 4 missiles. This is an idea that could have ruined the vehicle and made it fall totally flat on its face, but the attack mode transformation is so seamless that when it’s in regular mode, it’s impossible to tell it’s even there. I am stunned and impressed that Hasbro managed to integrate such a fantastic and unobtrusive feature into this toy.
  • It's going Super-Saiyan.The fact that the engine covers flip open and reveal the inner working of the Cloud Cars is a neat–albeit unnecessary–feature.  Little touches like this definitely show that Hasbro went the extra mile with this vehicle to make it absolutely perfect.
  • Like all mid-sized Star Wars vehicles, it comes with a diorama backdrop. In this case, the backdrop is a positively drop-dead gorgeous background of the view from Cloud City, including the Milennium Falcon flying in the distance. Mine was ruined because has monkeys packing their collectibles for shipping, but this really is probably the nicest backdrop Hasbro has done so far.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The Bad:

  • There’s a little bit of paint slop around multiple areas on my Cloud Car, including the rear thrusters and the connector between the two pods. I’m a bit concerned that the orange of this vehicle will be difficult to match for touch-up work.
  • Other than the fact that beat the crap out of the box and ruined the diorama, really nothing else.

The Ridiculous:

  • Nothing, really.

“Where Can I Buy It?”

The Cloud Car shipped well over a year ago and is pretty much completely sold out at retail. Amazon still has a couple available online for around $26, which is a pretty fair deal since this is one vehicle that it’s highly unlikely will be re-released by Hasbro at any point in the near future.

Overall: An outstanding rendition of the Cloud Car, and it had better be–it’s the only one we’re likely to ever see produced in our lifetimes. It doesn’t make for a very exciting and/or scathing first review, but I truly have no complaints about this vehicle.



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