Worthwhile Things I Did Today 9/4: Today I am 28. That’s 125 human years for a dog…

Worthwhile? Today was my 28th birthday. If there’s any dirt out there that’s only 27 years old, I am now older than dirt. If I was a dog, that would mean that I was now 125 people years old. That’s pretty old…

Worthwhile! I had 3 birthday phone calls today! That’s a record, believe it or not! Dave remembered to call me, which is the one call I can always count on on my birthday. Jen’s parents and Ryan also called me for my birthday, which makes 3. It’s not a ton… I know lots of people get called non-stop on their birthday… but 3 is pretty good for me…

Worthwhile! Had a pretzel today. I don’t get pretzels all the time, so it was a big deal. It was a good pretzel, too. I’ll probably be sick from it tomorrow, but it was ever so good today…

Worthwhile! Jen got me some hard-to-find things for my birthday, which are always my favorite presents. The original Episode I Anakin (with Commtech chip!), Power of the Jedi R4-M9 (with vastly out-of-scale Mouse Droid!), and some obnoxiously difficult-to-obtain Peppermint Rose tea. Plus I got LEGO Harry Potter for my 360 XBox. I have a love/hate relationship with the LEGO Video Games, but there’s achievement points to be earned, and new Harry Potter LEGO block sets coming out for me to lust over, so this is definitely a great (albeit dangerous) choice. Good stuff all around!

This game CD was forged through sorcery. Maybe.

Overall, okay birthday. It’s an even-numbered year, which are never my favorites, and I’m at the age where birthdays are more depressing than exciting. I can already do pretty much anything, so age is nothing to look forward to now. Although in 7 more years I’ll be old enough to run for president.


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1 Response to Worthwhile Things I Did Today 9/4: Today I am 28. That’s 125 human years for a dog…

  1. Dave says:

    Congrats on the tea! it’s wonderful to receive obnoxiously difficult to acquire goods on a birthday. Way to go!

    Also…. pretzel! We’ll have to get those, too, when I come by!! So far it’s bowling and pretzels, presuming we still want to when the time comes.

    …I’d like to tell you that 28 will be a good year for you…. but I don’t believe it!!! 29, though, now THAT will be a GOOD year. (–should I have kept this little nugget to myself?? 😉

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