Worthwhile Thing I Did Today 8/31/10: WWE Smackdown LIVE, Kaval wins, and NXT dies! And Jen is tired…

Work was long and busy today, but it led into an event I’ve been waiting for for years–WWE Smackdown finally came *LIVE* to Albany!!! And also, an event I’ve been waiting for for about 3 months–NXT finally comes to Albany and concludes!

NXT! It stands for... uhhh... I don't really know.Worthwhile! By far, by far, by FAR the high point of the night for me was getting to see the Season 2 finale of NXT *LIVE*!!! I started out hating NXT when it was announced early in the year, but over the last 6 months I really grew to love it. I’m really going to miss NXT when it gets canceled next month. Seeing young athletes give it their all to try to make it to the grandest stage of them all that any young wrestler can ever hope to reach is what it’s all about. NXT is definitely the most real and heartfelt wrestling show I’ve seen ever.

So yes, I saw huge international stars like The Undertaker tonight. And Kane. And even straight-edge savior CM Punk and The Miz! But that was all secondary to seeing the best and most dedicated NXT Rookie, Kaval, finally make it to the big time! 13 years of training and hard work paid off, as the smallest and lightest of the 8 NXT Rookies was chosen by the WWE Mentors to become a professional with a WWE contract, and earned himself a title match on Pay-Per-View!

"...My mentors seem to be women with only the loosest idea of how to wrestle..."

Kaval had the hardest road by far of all the rookies, as he had the worst mentors, the only females, Lay-Cool. With that against him as well as his size and weight, it was going to be an uphill battle. And yet, with biology against him and little professional help, Kaval triumphed through hard work (and training to fight like a ninja!!!). I’m inspired. I really am.

"I may be small, but I'm also A NINJA!!!"

I cheered, I yelled, I screamed for Kaval when he won. And I booed the other two finalists, Alex “Varsity Villain” Riley and Michael “Mr. Excitement” McGuillicutty as hard as I could. I don’t typically do those things–ever. So it was a good night for me. I was proud.

And Jennifer, poor Jennifer, stayed out and watched a 4-hour wrestling show until midnight after being up since 5AM for work, all for my sake. I’m pretty lucky to have such a tolerant, loving wife…

And oh yeah, I do believe that of all the thousands of people in attendance in Albany tonight, Jen and I were the only ones to walk out of the show immediately following the end of the NXT live show, skipping the “main event” World Championship Match featuring The legendary Undertaker. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kaval wins the competition... and the women! WOO!

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