Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/29/10:

Nothing could top yesterday’s adventures, so I used today as a set-up day to prepare for the future…

Who knew paper could be so expensive...Worthwhile! Ordered the photos from our Star Wars Celebration trip, as well as some scrapbooking pages/kits to use them with! All I need now is the album. And some idea of how you make a scrapbook. One of my Life Goals is to “Make the most Kickass Scrapbook Ever”. I’m aware that that’s a judgment call, but I believe I’ll know it when I’ve made it. And I hope that this will be it…

Worthwhile! Started learning how the coding and programming of an Internet forum works. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science so I despise programming as a rule, but this is actually really fascinating.

Worthwhile! Probably the only “worthwhile” thing to come out of Inuyasha Kanketsuhen–I finished and posted my first Anime Review to the blog today! You can read it here instead of wasting 13 hours of your life watching this mockery.

Not Worthwhile. I somehow managed to lock our cat in the bathroom this morning and lock the door from the inside so I couldn’t get him out. Jen rescued Jasper with a screwdriver to the doorknob, thankfully. I was starting to get worried I’d need to ask her to use her super-strength to knock down the door, but thankfully it didn’t come to that…

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One Response to Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/29/10:

  1. Dave says:

    She could have used her super-strength anyway, right? I mean, how often does she get a chance to show off her powers in the name of Goodness and Righteousness? Sure, she’s flaunting her super-resourcefulness powers, but come on now, no need to be humble about the strength thing. Next time please, Jen. Next time.

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