Worthwhile Thing I Did Today 8/28/10: Adventures in BOWLING!!!

Adventures in BOWLING!!!

God, I’m a nerd.

The scene of my greatest victory.Worthwhile! I’ve been talking about this for over a month now since the idea first popped into my head and was chronicled in my second-ever entry on this blog, and tonight I finally went BOWLING!!!!!!!!

I actually thought it would take a lot more coercion to get anyone to go bowling with me, but Ryan and Pete both agreed to go with… maybe not enthusiasm, exactly, but… minimal resistance to the idea.

Ryan and Pete and I went over to Spare-Time Clifton Park tonight for the first time. It seems a little seedy when you walk in since you walk in through the bar, but once you get onto the main area it’s all retro awesomeness! The carpet is blue and neon green, they have an arcade filled with decade-old arcade games, and there’s even a (digital WTF?) jukebox! Scores are kept on classic old, cruddy CRT monitors (which are apparently being replaced in October with flat-screens), and the whole place just feels fun. At least to me. Your tastes may vary.


We had to rent bowling shoes, but I actually liked them quite a bit. I thought the black/red colors/style was really cool. I kinda want some of my own just for the style. The lack of traction means I might break my neck, but it might be worth it…

The quirkiest thing about our trio of games was that our lane was undeniably broken. For about 90% of our rounds, the ‘9’ pin would be counted as being knocked down, regardless of whether the ball went straight down the gutter or was thrown into someone else’s lane. This was especially quirky since the 9 pin is one of the back middle pins, and it would be difficult bordering on impossible to ever knock down only that pin. That said, that lone pin was knocked down about a dozen and a half times in just our three games tonight. That’s gotta be some kind of world record.

The Games
First game we mostly all totally sucked, but especially me. Ryan did pretty well compared to Pete and I, but that doesn’t say much.

Second game went about the same as the first, up until a point. Pete suddenly starting throwing 1 perfect Strike for every 3 gutter balls he threw. He had three Strikes just in that game! Meanwhile, Ryan and Pete kept trying to show me what I was supposed to be doing, with no success. Ryan left to use the bathroom, and Pete showed me something–I literally don’t know what–that seemed to click in my mind. Suddenly I was able to score Slashes and get the ball rolling down the middle of the lane about 2/3 of the time. I’m not sure what that advice was, since I don’t even remember it now, but it seems to work. I won that game with two consecutive Strikes at the end, a feat which I will most likely never repeat in my life.

Third game was probably the most fun (sorta), as Pete and Ryan’s games fell apart totally. In retaliation, they decided to screw around with putting ‘spin’ on the ball the entire match. I wanted to win because I’m obsessed like that, so I played serious but also sucked. I got a lucky Strike, but fell behind on points. Ryan got his only legitimate Strike of the night on his very last round, with an amazing-looking spin shot. Ryan also had an illegitimate Strike from using the “Change Score” function on the computer when he went over the line and got an “F”, but I guess all’s fair in war and bowling. Sensing my desperation, Pete demonstrated how to do the spin shot for me. Astoundingly, it worked and knocked down all the pins, so I won. Pete really is a hell of a bowling coach. My spin shot looked really weak and lame compared to theirs, though. I don’t know if I could ever get that much power onto the ball…

The Victors
Ryan won the first game with a score over 100 (I scored 59). I won the second and third games totaling a little over 100 each time. In the second game our “team” score totaled over 300, which I felt pretty excellent about. Given the cataclysmic failure of my first game, it’s more than surprising I won the next two. If I was a paranoid person, I’d say they let me win. So I’ll say it: they let me win. I’ll take it, though…

It was a little expensive, but I didn’t really look at the pricing or anything before they told us the total, so they literally coulda charged us just about anything. The only catch is that if they charged something crazy, we wouldn’t have been able to pay it…

Anyway, I was really happy. I haven’t been that happy since Celebration. (Which was only two weeks ago, but still…) I give Spare Time Clifton Park an A++. Hopefully I’ll be able to recruit someone to come back with me soon, because I want to get better. For what purpose, I don’t know. But even so…

Grade: A++

I sat in a chair like those. Cool, huh?

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4 Responses to Worthwhile Thing I Did Today 8/28/10: Adventures in BOWLING!!!

  1. Dave says:

    Me! Me me me memememe… me!!! Can I go?! Please me please! Me please! Thank you.

    How’s the pizza? Do they have Dr. Pepper??

    A++ : tough to beat that

    • Dabid! says:

      You most certainly can come!

      I didn’t have the pizza, so I’ve no idea how it is. Dunno about Dr. Pepper… the food part is more like a bar, so I imagine they have beer instead of Dr. Pepper…

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