Worthwhile Things I Read About Today 8/27/10: Man Who Burned Down Home Over Gundam Models Gets 4 Years in Jail!

Gonna be a little different today…

Worthwhile! [Okay, this isn’t something that happened to me, but I read this article over on AnimeNewsNetwork, and I thought it was totally hilarious. Maybe I’m wrong to take amusement from something like this, but it strikes me as the same chord of hilarious ludicrousness as the Church of the Jedi…]

Man Who Burned Down Home Over Gundam Models Gets 4 Years

posted on 2010-08-26 12:43 EDT

Guilty of arson for trying to burn himself after some of his models were taken away

One of these things is not like the others. Oh wait, no--they're all the same.The Kobe District Court sentenced a man, who burned down his home in a rage over Gundam models, to four years in prison on Thursday. The prosecution at the court’s Himeji Branch had requested a five-year sentence for the 30-year-old suspect.

On August 9, 2009 at about 2:10 p.m., the man burned down his house in a rage after part of his Gundam plastic model collection had been taken away. According to the ruling, the man was trying to set himself on fire along with his remaining plastic models. Instead, the entire 220-square-meter (about 2,400-square-foot) property was destroyed, and the police charged him with arson of an inhabited building.

The defense argued for a suspended sentence, by which the man would not serve time if he maintains good behavior, by saying that the man fell into despair because the plastic models had become as important to him as a part of his body. Judge Hiroshi Mori rejected the request.

Source: Sports Nippon

Sorry. Reading that was one of the high points of today. *crickets*

Uhhh… anyway… On to things I did today…

Worthwhile! Planned BOWLING trip for tomorrow! BOWLING!!!!! I’m looking forward to this a lot. A lot! Probably too much. Even knowing so, I’m psyched.

Worthwhile! Found the first wave of HALO Reach figures at Toys R Us and picked up my much-anticipated Ultra Grunts and Oran–err… Gold… HAZOP Spartan! Review forthcoming soon, but in short these Grunts are monsters compared to the old ones. Can’t wait to bust these open.

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