Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/25/10: Paying for Cereal and Anime Nudity

Worthwhile! Mailed out about $600 in ebay items.  This is necessary to pay bills from Celebration and, uhhh… cereal boxes that cost hundreds of dollars. *cough* You would think that the piles of stuff in the house and the closets would be decreasing with that amount of money going out, but as it turns out, there’s barely a dent. It almost makes me think I may have too much stuff, but that’s just crazy. (Crazy!)

The first giant mech show I've seen with creepy nudity.

Worthwhile? Finished viewing “Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid”. I won’t bother to review it because it was neither great nor bad, but it made for great ‘comfort anime’ to watch with Jen and Ryan. It took us close to 3 months to watch this short 13-episode series, so it couldn’t have been that good, but we did finish, so that counts for something. It’s really a disappointment that there’s no official statement on a final season to cover the last few books of the novels… A little bit more nudity (both male and female) than I like to see in anime that I’m watching with my wife and brother, but a fun show overall.

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