Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/24/10: Today I bought the world’s most expensive pound of Cheerios.

Gonna be a short post today, because only one really good thing happened today… and like all good things, it involves me spending a whole bunch of money…

Christoper Lee is probably turning in his grave over this. I mean, if he was dead, he would be...

Worthwhile! Ordered my set of Celebration V Star Wars Cereal Boxes off of evilbay! Considering that this set consists of sixteen 1 oz. mini cardboard cereal boxes, all of which contain Cheerios, this will certainly be the most expensive pound of cereal I’ve ever purchased, if not one of the most expensive pounds of cereal ever purchased period. And I have my suspicions that these may not even be real Cheerios, but in actuality a clever facsimile…

The set cost more than I wanted to pay, but not so much that I wasn’t willing to pay it. (Which may be proof of my insanity, since I paid about 100 times what it would have cost for a pound of Cheerios from Wal-Mart…) Had to sell a high-end statue to pay for these cardboard cereal boxes, but Vader Flakes come around just once in a lifetime…

Man, I'd have paid ANYTHING if Ziro had been on this box instead of Jabba. Oh well...

I thought the cereal boxes were really dumb until I saw the first few previewed, at which point I knew they were THE Celebration V collectible that I had to have above all others. I only briefly flirted with the insane notion of giving up my entire Celebration to sitting in the collecting room watching 16+ hours of panels to get all the cereal boxes at the con. After that, I resigned myself to the reality of buying these off evilbay. I don’t regret any of the time I spent at Celebration, so I don’t regret having to ebay these cereals. The only thing I really regret is that I don’t even like Cheerios… *Sigh*

Now if only I could acquire an extra box of Admiral Ackbar cereal for my little brother without paying a small fortune, life would be complete…

I was REALLY relieved there were no shrimp or other sea animals actually in this cereal.

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