Dabid’s Blog – Dabid meets one of his heroes– Lil’ Anakin from #StarWars Ep. I Phantom Menace!

One of the huge things I was excited about at Star Wars Celebration V was that Anakin Skywalker from Episode I–Jack Lloyd–would be appearing and signing autographs! Episode I Anakin is by far my favorite iteration of Annie, so I woulda paid anything for this opportunity. Luckily, I only had to pay 20 bucks.

I had to make several trips back to Jack Lloyd’s booth because he seemed to take a super-long lunch break, but I finally caught him. And as I thought, he was friendly but not really happy about being at the con. (At all.) He scribbled his autograph for me real fast, then asked a disinterested question about my camera and posed for this picture (which you can see he’s thrilled beyond belief about).

After the picture, I told him what a fan I was of his and then he grunted and walked back to his booth, which had no one else in line besides me.

Worth 20 bucks? Hells yeah.

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