Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/22/10: How I Resisted Murdering LEGO 4-LOM.

Did anything worthwhile happen Sunday? Did it really…? I don’t recall… So this will be the shortest one of these entries so far…

You'd think this looks easy to put together, don't you? You would be wrong.

Worthwhile? Built LEGO Cube Dudes Bossk and 4-LOM from the Celebration V exclusive set. Resisted the urge to shatter 4-LOM to bits by hurling him against the wall after I put his head together wrong repeatedly for an hour and had to keep taking it apart and reassembling it. The secret to building this is apparently to actually follow the instruction booklet.

So… I didn’t break my outrageously overpriced, limited collectible. That’s sorta worthwhile, isn’t it?

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