Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/20/10: “All That Lives Must Die.” Kinda a dreary title…

Today was a stay-at-home day. As you might imagine, things were a little dull…

That's... a pretty foreboding title.

Worthwhile! Finished all 700 pages of Eric Nylund’s latest masterpiece novel, “All That Lives Must Die“. Some of the best world-building I’ve ever seen in any novel, ever. Short summary is that I was impressed, but there are flaws. In general, another triumph for the incomporable Eric Nylund. And I don’t want to sound too negative, since this is certainly the best book I’ve read in at least a full year. Extensive review to follow very soon.

Immediately started “Clone Wars Gambit: Siege” tonight. It’s been too long since I read a good Star Wars novel. Note that I specified good–I’m looking at you, “Crosscurrent“. Ugh.

A Match Made in He...aven?

Worthwhile! Watched the George Lucas/Jon Stewart “Main Event” interview on YouTube. It was just as good, and I didn’t have to stay up all night in the scalding Orlando heat for 8 hours to see it. Score! The 2.5 seconds (literally) I saw George live at Last Tour to Endor were enough to satisfy me, anyway.

Worthwhile? Little brother turned 25 today. I feel goddamn old now. Don’t have a gift for him yet, either. Luckily, he ditched us to go hang out with his friends for the weekend. But we’ll need a gift soon. Hm. Hmmmmmmmm.

Not Worthwhile. Sat around too much today. Watched too much stuff. Didn’t use time effectively. I’m not sure what I should have been doing. This wasn’t it, though.

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