Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/19/10: Postcards and Toy Cars? Could my life be any more exciting? I think not.

Things are still pretty busy after having gone back to work… at least some things happened worth mentioning today, though…

Postcard from Tattooine! Postage due?

Worthwhile! We got a Celebration V postcard in the mail from Marjorie and Arnie, hosts of Star Wars Action News! SO COOL!!!! I’m not sure how to scrapbook this, since both the front and back of the postcard need to be viewable… But wow! A postcard from Marjorie and Arnie! I’m so honored!!

From that scene in Japan no one remembers in the Cars movie...

Worthwhile! Found 3 more Pixar Cars die-casts from “Tokyo Mater”: Komodo, Cho, and Kabuto Ninja! If you asked me where these characters were at or what they did in “Tokyo Mater”, I would have to stare at you blankly and admit that I don’t know. But they’re from “Tokyo Mater” so I wanted them, dammit. And I don’t regret it at all. Sounds ridiculous to put this in the “Worthwhile” category, but I’ve been hunting “Tokyo Mater” Cars since last November. I found the first two in February, and 2 more in July. So this score almost doubles my “Tokyo Mater” collection! Whether or not that ‘s really a good thing is up in the air. But if nothing else, this is “Worthwhile” since it validates some of the ludicrous time I’ve put in searching for these cars…

Not Worthwhile. The more sleep I get, the more tired I am. I just don’t get it… Are the midichlorians in my bloodstream dying now that Celebration is over? I just don’t know…

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