Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/17/10: Preparing to Scrapbook, Flickr, Bleach and More

My Star Wars Scrapbook cover will be way cooler than this generic one...

Worthwhile! Ordered several hundred prints of the photos I took on vacation at Star Wars Celebration V from Snapfish. This should give me ample material to make the most kickass scrapbook ever with. A scrapbook which will surpass all those that came before it! Operation: Scrapbook begins soon…

Worthwhile! Spent some time learning how to use Flickr today. This is pretty akin to a miracle, as anyone who knows me knows I hate technology. I did manage to hook it up with WordPress, though, so I’ll be able to make photo posts now without too much fuss. Woo!

Worthwhile? I’m getting a lot more sleep this week than I did during Celebration, but you wouldn’t know it. I stumble out of bed like I’m drunk (or what I imagine that’d be like) and then force my half-dead body to drive to work. Maybe getting too much sleep is actually the problem… maybe my body is telling me it doesn’t need to sleep anymore… that’d be cool…

Not Worthwhile. Watched Bleach 284 with dinner. Totally not a worthwhile use of 22 minutes. They’re really losing me. It’s sad when the filler is better than the canon. I’m watching now because I want to see what happens, but the actual content is so poor that I may stop caring before it finishes, although that outcome is highly unlikely… especially since I haven’t seen all the Vizards fight yet…

Bleach - The Vizards

Damn you Vizards! It's Your Fault I'm still watching this crappy show!

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