Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/16/10: Celebration V Hangover

Monday was a ho-hum day. Celebration V hangover is in effect.

Worthwhile! Today was the first Matty Collector day since I decided I just didn’t gave a crap anymore. And y’know–my day was a lot better without spending an hour refreshing the White Screen of Death and getting myself pissed off and frustrated. To celebrate my emancipation from Matty, I put most of my Masters of the Universe Classics figures on ebay. Woo!

Worthwhile? Went back to work today. The store survived without me for 6 days. It did pretty okay for itself too, which makes me feel pretty useless… I think if I’d been gone a little longer it would have fallen apart, though…

Not Worthwhile. I’m in Star Wars withdrawal… it’s really hard to go back to the real world after being surrounded by Sith and Astromech Droids for a week… I want to live in this world, too… I just wish that we had Ewoks in it…

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