HAUL: Star Wars Celebration V

We had to cram everything into one big carry-on bag to bring home to NY from Orlando, which limited what I could buy. But I think I still did okay for myself…


Haul 1:
[*]LEGO Cube Dudes
[*]Vintage Paploo Ewok Plush
[*]Scruffies Wicket
[*]Scruffies Wampa
[*]Scruffies Jabba
[*]Scruffies Chewbacca
[*]Commemorative Guide
[*]Vlix Cereal (2)
[*]Franken Naberrie Cereal (2)
[*]Wookie Crisp Cereal (2)
[*]POTJ R2-Q5
[*]Galactic Heroes X-Wing Luke (Giveaway)
[*]Best of SWAN CD
[*]CV Badges (2)
[*]CV Media Badge
[*]SWAN Badges (4)
[*]McDonalds Skateboards (Anakin & Obi-Wan)


Haul 2:
[*]Daniel Logan Autographed Photo
[*]Jake Lloyd Autographed Photo
[*]LEGO Concept Boba Fett
[*]501st Badges (2)
[*]Vintage Cardbacks (2)
[*]Hallmark Boba & Carbonite Han (Won from the Droid Hunt!)
[*]Sideshow $25 Gift Card
[*]Celebration V Postcards
[*]Vinylmation Glow-in-the-Dark Figure Signed By the Star Wars Action News and Republic Forces Radio Network Casts


Not Pictured:
[*]”I Love You” Shirt (My Wife’s)
[*]”I Know” Shirt
[*]SWAN Party Shirt
[*]Chris Trevas Boba Fett Print
[*]Tim Proctor Yoda Print
[*]Celebration V Official Poster

How we fit all that stuff in one bag I’ll never know… :lol:

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