Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/14/10

[Dabid’s currently in Orlando until Sunday night, August 15th. This was written in advance, based upon expectations. We’ll see if things turned out as planned later…]

Worthwhile! I’m currently out for the night at the Last Tour to Endor at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The classic Star Tours ride is coming to an end this fall at Disney, and this event is the big good-bye to the classic! So tonight is a private party for Star Wars fans at Hollywood Studios with rides and attractions open, as well as exclusive merchandise, trivia, and Star Wars Fireworks!


The Dark Lord Busts a Move!

I heard Darth Vader may even moonwalk tonight...

I don’t think I can describe this nearly as well as they did on StarWars.com, so let me steal a bit from their description of the event:

“”Hyperspace Hoopla” will feature Star Wars characters stepping outside of their galaxy and putting on a display of dancing like never before. Here’s the lineup scheduled for the “Last Tour of Endor” party:

  • “Grease is the word” that Chewie heard: Chewbacca, Han Solo and the Jawas put on their dancing shoes (except Chewbacca of course, who will be frantically moving his furry feet) and perform a tune from the 1978 hit movie-musical Grease. In fact, Rebel spies have provided initial intel that Chewbacca’s fur will be fashioned into a 1950’s pompadour hairstyle just for the occasion.
  • “Nobody puts Leia in a corner:: Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia will go back to the 1980s with a dance number from the box-office hit Dirty Dancing.
  • “Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it”: Some of the most famous females from the Star Wars saga — including Queen Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Zam Wessel and Aurra Sing — will join forces for an ensemble dance number set to one of the biggest pop hits by the “material girl” herself, Madonna.
  • King of Pop, or King of the Dark Side?: Returning by popular demand will be Darth Vader and his crew of dancing stormtroopers, cutting a rug (and no, not cutting it with a lightsaber) to a hit medley from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. At previous “Hyperspace Hooplas,” the Dark Lord has been known to even don a single, sequined glove as he channels the iconic music superstar.”

Abso-fucking-lutely worthwhile! This just may top the Paramount Party at Botcon 2009 with the live Stan Bush concert as one of the high points of my life…

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