Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/13/10

[Dabid’s currently in Orlando until Sunday night, August 15th. This was written in advance, based upon expectations. We’ll see if things turned out as planned later…]

Worthwhile?! It’s Day 2 of Star Wars Celebration V, which means that by now I have probably spent my collecting budget for the entirety of the rest of 2010 in two days buying CRAZY SHIT!

And when I say “CRAZY SHIT!” I mean amazing collectibles such as…

My dream come true--Bossk made of LEGOs!

LEGO Cube Dudes: Empire Strikes Back Edition! The exclusive so exclusive, you can’t even stand in line to purchase it! Oh no, if you want this LEGO Celebration V Exclusive, you had to fight the crowd, stand in line at the LEGO booth, enter a raffle, and then win the raffle for the opportunity to purchase this set of LEGO figures! Between Jen and myself, and with 4 days of Celebration, that’s 8 chances to win the right to purchase this set! And how hard could it be to win a raffle against 30,000 other Star Wars collectors…? …I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Who's Scruffy-Looking?!Scruffies: From Comic Images, the new limited-edition line of super-deformed Star Wars plush creatures debuts–Scruffies! (As in, “Who’s Scruffy-Looking!?”) Jen actually approved of me buying these, which means we’re coming home with them all. MWAHAHAHA.

Eau de Lando! The Cologne of Scoundrels!Eau Lando Cologne: I can finally smell like the sexiest man in the galaxy–LANDO!! There’s too many ounces of liquid to take on the plane, so I’ll have to ship this home. It’s worth it, though, if this cologne can make me half as charming and charismatic as Lando Calrissian! I suspect Jen has rejected the Slave Leia Perfume, however…

Han shot first! That bastard!Cereal Boxes: These cereal boxes are not only awesome, but absolutely FREE!! And by “free”, I mean “You need to sit through a one-hour collectibles panel to receive each of the 16 boxes”. I won’t have time to spend 16 hours at these panels, but I will be bringing home some of these cereal boxes, where they will hold a place of honor on display behind glass! The real question is, am I gonna eat the cereal inside the boxes of let it rot? Decisions, decisions…

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