Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/12/10

[Dabid’s currently in Orlando until Sunday night, August 15th. This was written in advance, based upon expectations. We’ll see if things turned out as planned later…]

Admit 1 to the SWAN CV Party!

Worthwhile! Today was the first official day of Star Wars Celebration V, and the night of the long-awaited Star Wars Action News Party! If If I made some friends, or had some fun, or even just talked to some people, than this was totally Worthwhile.

If I didn’t socialize… if I hid in the corner… if I let myself be too afraid… then it was a total failure.

But this is a pre-written entry, and I don’t expect to have failed like that. I intended to have a good time at this and enjoy talking to people like Marjorie and Arnie and Jerry and Steve the Ginger Prince… If all went well… I hope it did…

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