Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/11/10

[Dabid’s currently in Orlando until Sunday night, August 15th. This was written in advance, based upon expectations. We’ll see if things turned out as planned later…]

EPCOT Lives... as a Mouseoid!Worthwhile! Today was our one and only full day at Disney for our vacation! For our one theme park, we chose EPCOT. EPCOT is usually my least favorite of the 4 parks, but I’ve never seen Illuminations or rode Mission SPACE or Spaceship Earth, so this was a must-do. And more importantly, for a limited-time only Michael Jackson’s 1986 3-D Attraction Captain EO is showing again! I’m a sucker for classic attraction revivals. And hey, I even researched vegetarian selections available at the park in detail, so it’s possible we even got to eat well at a theme park for once!

Test Track Dummy Mouseoid!Worthwhile? I stood in line today, through Hellish Heat or Thunderstorms, to ride one of my most favorite rides on the planet, Test Track. I was actually nearly too terrified to ride Test Track on my first trip to EPCOT, but that was one of the rare occasions in my life where I grew the balls to do something that I normally would be too intimidated to try. This ride actually isn’t scary at all, but I was too big a weenie to know that back in the day. I love Test Track, but I’ve no idea if it was worth melting in the high of 93 degrees to ride it today. I guess we’ll see…

Worthwhile? I have zero doubt in my mind that I made Jen leave EPCOT for a couple hours with me in order to catch the bus to Downtown Disney and visit D-Street, world headquarters of Vinylmation (I call ’em Mouseoids) vinyl figures! I’ve seriously been salivating about visiting here since it was just a rumor and not even built yet, so this should be big for me! Whether or not this was “Worthwhile” is gonna depend entirely on how much money I spent and whether or not Jen killed me…


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