Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/10/10

[Dabid’s currently in Orlando until Sunday night, August 15th. This was written in advance, based upon expectations. We’ll see if things turned out as planned later…]

Welcome to O Lando!Worthwhile? For the first time since leaving Florida after the worst 8 months of our lives back in February 2008, Jen and I flew back to sunny Orlando this morning. I swore we would never come back to Florida, but God conspired against me by scheduling Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando. I’ve waited many years to go to a Star Wars convention and there won’t likely be another until 2013, so we’re back in Florida. w00t?

Worthwhile! Even though I’m away all week, I took the time and pre-wrote entries for the blog for every day this week, and god willing, I properly scheduled them so that they’ll actually post all week! These may not be the longest or most entertaining updates that I’ll ever do, so please forgive me. It’s important to me that the blog be updated each every day with at least something, so I think this is most definitely Worthwhile.

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