Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/9/10

Last day before vacation! Scheduled updates start tomorrow. I had to plan my vacation tightly enough that I could write entries for the future and still have them be accurate. Man, I’m OCD…

This is NOT my hair.

Worthwhile! Manned up and went to get my haircut today, even though the nosy-creepy-uncomfortably-talkative-hairdresser-guy was up at the counter. Turns out they were having a super-slow day, so he had to turn me over to one of the six female hairdressers that were just standing around with no customers. I got this cheerful younger girl. She was actually really friendly and not creepy at all. Plus, she my haircut done fast so I didn’t have to hand around too long. Oh, and my hair looks good, though I think I’m getting high off the smell of the gel she smothered it in. Worthwhile.

This isn't my taillight. It's surprisingly difficult to find a picture of a Sunfire GT Tail Light...Worthwhile! My right tail turn signal started freaking out and not working this morning, which made me super-jumpy all day. My first thought was to take it back to the shop, but if I keep doing that, I’ll quickly run out of money. My second thought was to have Ryan look at it, but it’s really not fair to keep depending on my brother. My third thought was to have Jen look at it, but having to depend on my wife to fix all my car problems is even lamer. So I remembered my car came with a manual and hunted it down and used it. I checked the fuses, but they didn’t make much sense. Then I unscrewed the light bulb itself through the trunk and fiddled with the wires. Lo and behold, the turn signal works again, and I did it all myself. This may seriously be the biggest mechanical triumph of my life! I feel empowered!

This is -NOT- my UPS carrier. Worthwhile? The UPS guy has been being obnoxious and and leaving me notices that he can’t release my packages without a signature lately, causing my packages to get delayed and me to get pissed off. So I left a post-it note on the door today asking him to please leave packages on the porch that don’t require a signature, as I’m at work during the day. He left me a package today with a message scribbled in pen on it: “Leave green notices. And I’ll leave.” I’m not sure if that means he’ll leave the package, or if he’s pissed and he means he’ll leave/stop delivering stuff to me if I keep leaving him post-its…

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One Response to Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/9/10

  1. Edward says:

    Congratulations on the car repairs! That’s definitely something to be proud of!

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