Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/8/10

Wanted to go to the Renaissance Faire downstate today, but that was doomed. Too much planning and housework to do. That’s alright. We’ll get there in a couple weeks. I hear they have mead like Thor drinks there. THOR!!! =-O

Worthwhile! Planned our schedules for our impending vacation today! This involved printing many, many reservation confirmations, tickets, maps, trolley routes, and so forth. It’s really not as glamorous as it sounds. But even so, it’s definitely worthwhile, because I’m hellbent on this being our best vacation ever!

So cute! It's a shame he decomposes when you use him!Worthwhile! Jen killed all the ants in the kitchen while I scrubbed out the refrigerator. You would think cleaning the fridge would be easy, but it was actually deceptively difficult. After a sponge with hot soap and water failed to get rid of some of the dried ooze, I killed a penguin loofah scrubbing at it, and then finished off scratching the hell out of the plastic to clear the ooze with a brillo pad. Hard work, but honest. I feel good about it. I’m keeping an optimistic attitude, so this goes in the “Worthwhile” column.

Worthwhile? Got the Wii component cables hooked up, aaaaaaand… I don’t see any difference. The games look exactly the same to me. Exactly! I’m certain I hooked them up right, but I guess Nintendo games just aren’t made to look that good? I’ll reserve judgment for now… Kirby’s Yarn better look badass when it comes out since I sprung for the component cables…


Not Worthwhile. Failed to get my haircut again today. That means I have to get it done tomorrow, even if it’s with the hairdresser guy who gives me the creeps when he touches me. *shudder*

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