Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/7/10

He's Boba, the Fett. His backpack's, a jet.

Mostly spent today prepping for our Star Wars Celebration trip. Some worthwhile stuff, and some less-worthwhile stuff…

Worthwhile! Finally sat down and started to plan out our Celebration V trip for next week. Usually by this time I’d have planned every panel, booth visit, exclusive to purchase, and so on down to the smallest and most nitpicky detail. I must be losing my touch. (Or my OCD, but that’s not really likely.)

Worthwhile! Having used Twitter now for close to a year, someone finally clued me in today that you can place #tags in your tweets to make them more easily searchable. Obviously my old age is putting me at a disadvantage trying to learn to use these new-fangled technologies. And speaking of which…

Worthwhile? Fought with our new digital camera tonight for about 2 hours trying to learn how to take decent close-up shots for my reviews and for our vacation. This new camera sucks–and by “sucks”, I mean “I don’t understand how to use it right.” It has 27 different LCD screen indicators, and over 2 dozen different settings just for type of picture! Plus you can set things like ISO, whatever the hell that is. I’m a total technophone, so I don’t know what would possess me to buy a modern camera. All I wanted was a camera with more memory space, not some kind of super-computer or something…

Not Worthwhile. Drove the half-hour down to Colonie to get my hair cut today so I’ll look presentable at Celebration, but when I walked past the salon the women were all busy and the token guy was prowling the outside of the salon looking for customers. I really hate that guy, as he’s chatty and intrusive and won’t shut up when cutting your hair, so I kept on walking. Checked back half an hour later and he was still scouring for some poor victim. So I went home without a haircut. It was a waste of time and I sound nuts, but I really, really dislike that guy… maybe tomorrow will be a more successful haircut day…

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One Response to Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/7/10

  1. Dave says:

    I thought you were going to end up saying that the creepy no-customers talkative hairdresser was going to trap you in a corner and force a bad haircut on you. The fact that you got no cut instead of being trapped by him – worthwhile.

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