TOY REVIEW: HALO Reach Preview Figures

TOY REVIEW: HALO Reach Preview Figures

Red and Blue, Together Again?

HALO Reach launches next month along with the complete line of complementary figures, but the Preview Wave of figures started appearing this week. I’m a total sucker for these figures–especially Spartans–so I’ll talk about the new Spartan HAZOP Custom Armor 2-Pack tonight.

The Right:

  • Let’s get straight to the big one: McFarlane Toys actually paid someone to check the quality control on these HALO figures before shipping them to stores. These figures don’t shatter when you take them out of the package. The wrists don’t break off when you put a gun into them. The legs don’t explode if you try to stand the figures up. In short, McFarlane Toys finally stepped up the quality on these figures so that for my $10+ per figure I’m getting something that doesn’t feel like a cheap knockoff made of painted paper mache.

This photo makes my butt look big.

  • The paintwork on these is astonishingly good when compared to the HALO figures that have been made by McFarlane Toys the past three years. Huge amounts of weathering and detailing make these Spartans look like they just stepped off the battlefield, and not out of the Skittles factory like the older figures. The detail-work on these is better than that of any other figure line I own.
  • The HAZOP Armor looked a little strange to me at first, but I love that McFarlane chose to go with one of the new armor permutations for the Preview Wave rather than rehashing the ODSTs I already have a dozen of. The new helmet, asymmetrical shoulder pads, and thigh attachments are all-new and look great. This two-pack also knocks off the two essential armor colors (red and blue) immediately, so hopefully we can get some more interesting HAZOP colors (like white and orange) sooner than later.
  • Gone are the days of pure-colored Spartans. All Spartans have Steel as a secondary color now. I initially wasn’t a fan of that idea, but with these figures in hand I love the uniformity it gives the Spartans and think it makes the figures look much more military solider-like. This was a great call by Bungie’s designers.


  • Nothing, really.

The Wrong:

Red? Where are you?

  • These figures are everything the older figures aren’t: exquisitely painted and detailed, durable, better articulated–and a different scale. That’s right, these new Spartans are in a different scale than my nearly 100 other Spartans and Covenant figures, which means they look ridiculous together and the hundreds of weapons I have from my older figures are totally incompatible with these new figures. It feels like starting over, and I have so much money invested in my HALO figures to begin with that starting over really sucks.

The Ridiculous:

  • As much as I try to avoid discussing men’s crotches, I think it’s worth mentioning that each of these Spartans have a big gaping hole in their crotch. I can only imagine that there’s going to be some sort of customizable armor functionality in the game and the holes are in these figures for future expansion, but as it is, these guys each have a very distracting hole in their crotch.

Overall: Absolutely outstanding. McFarlane Toys finally stepped up their game and made some phenomenal HALO figures, and it’s just in time to capitalize on the sure best-seller status of Reach next month. The change in scale is a surprise to me and bothers me, and I’m not thrilled with random holes on the figures for expansion. However, these are certainly the best HALO figures ever produced, and many many more of these guys will be eating up my shelf-space (and money) when the line hits in full next month.

Grade: A-

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