Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/5/10

Despite feeling like a diseased zombie all day, my day wasn’t all that awful.

Worthwhile. The new security guard at the plaza has been making me nuts. She’s bored stupid as she’s essentially powerless to do anything or go anywhere, so she keeps coming into the store out of boredom and distracting me from my job while she whines about how much her job sucks.

While waiting for my ride this afternoon (my car’s still dead), I sat outside on the bus bench outside my store. To my surprise and annoyance, she just got out of work and came and sat next to me.

And I managed to pull off something I’m not very talented in–engaging small talk. I only had to keep it up for a handful of minutes before Ryan got there, but even so I managed to pull off being friendly and entertaining enough to survive and not just sit there in awkwardness the whole time.

I don’t know if this should really be considered “worthwhile”, but I did manage to pull off an effective conversation outside of my comfort zone store (barely) with a stranger. I really wasn’t sure I had that in me.

Not real. A dramatic reinterpretation of the scene.

Worthwhile. Remembered to get a birthday card for my other brother, so I don’t feel like a total ass. He’s not my favorite, but I don’t think I’ll benefit from resenting part of my family, and I’m trying not to be so judgmental. Even if I don’t have any bond with him and probably won’t, I think this is a worthwhile step.

Worthwhile. Gave the second (and final) promotion at work this week. I think I underestimated the positive feeling that being awarded a few more pennies, but more importantly some praise and appreciation, can cause a person to have. These promotions won’t help the business to meet ends meet–at all–but I’m still left with the feeling they were meaningful.

Not Worthwhile. Let myself get worked up into an anxiety attack worrying about my car getting fixed on time, tickets, and other trivialities. Got like no sleep the previous night from being too jumpy, and my stomach felt like it was gonna explode from a mix of anxiety and what I suspect to be self-inflicted food poisoning via my cooking. Felt pretty horrible inside all day. Doing all the worthwhile things in the world won’t amount to anything if I don’t take care of myself…

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One Response to Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/5/10

  1. Dave says:

    ANY small talk is a mighty accomplishment. Worthwhile? I don’t know about that. Now you might be expected to hear and respond to more mindless dribble! Hahaha! But seriously, nice work.

    And that’s cool to hear about giving the promotion. Where was I reading it…? Ah yes, in this audiobook called “Positive Energy” the author talks about how she started leaving $5’s and $10’s in random public places because it gives her something of a meaningful energy-boost high. There’s something about giving people money (even while it’s taking financially from you, obviously) that’s good for the soul. I don’t quite understand it, but I know the feeling. I’m sure your employee will be smiling about the raise for… days? weeks? Way to continue making the world a better place. 😉

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