Worthwhile (And Not Worthwhile) Things I Did Today 8/4

Today didn’t exactly go swimmingly either.

Worthwhile! Some people agreed to bowling. I really wasn’t sure if anyone would. I’m excited about that.

Worthwhile? Other people refused bowling, but potentially suggested Laser Tag. I don’t know how to Laser Tag. But I’m trying to be more open. So I suppose if it comes up, I can Laser Tag…

Not Worthwhile. My taillights on my freshly-inspected car (see Saturday’s blog) stopped working (again), so I got pulled over by a cop. Cop wasn’t especially friendly, and gave me a ticket that’ll be dismissed provided the taillights are fixed by tomorrow and I get a note from the mechanic at the auto repair shop and have it all taken care of by sundown tomorrow. Yes, the paperwork actually says “by sundown”.

That’d be fine, except I dropped the car off at 11AM and the shop closed at 5:30PM without having any idea why the lights don’t work, and they don’t seem especially concerned about my plight.

Had to saddle Ryan with hauling my sorry ass around today, and will have to again tomorrow. I hate being a burden on others, but I really can’t seem to help it lately…

Not Worthwhile. Totally killed dinner. Somehow the pizza dough I stretched molecularly bonded with the pizza pan, and as such could not be removed even with the jaws of life. We ended up picking chunks of the pizza off the dough, and abandoning the merged pizza/pan for the night. I wouldn’t feel so bad if I hadn’t cooked the cardboard tray on the bottom of the pizza onto it the last time I made pizza for the family…

This isn't mine. This one is edible--mine wasn't.

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