Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/2/10

First day back to work since starting the new blog. Now comes the true test, which is to determine if I can still do anything worthwhile on work days. So far… maybe?

  • Worthwhile. Used our new and first-ever HDTV for the first time tonight to watch a movie. We could’ve bought 20 HDTVs in the last couple years, but I’ve always put it off to buy trivial things instead. I actually feel really good about upgrading to a real TV. And maybe now that the screen is big enough to see finally, I can actually get someone to play Smash Bros. with me again…
  • Worthwhile. Watched Empire Strikes Back with Jen and Ryan. We’ll complete the Original Trilogy with Return of the Jedi later this week. Family bonding–over Star Wars–is absolutely, definitely worthwhile.
  • Worthwhile. Gave up on my Matty Collector habit today. I won’t be shooting my blood pressure through the roof fighting Matty again (except for one particular item next spring), nor will I be going to the dark side and purchasing a subscription. Up yours Matty, ya bitch.
  • Worthwhile? After stalking various local Targets all week, I smelled blood this morning when Central Ave Target was pulling stuff off the shelves this morning. I knew the reset was imminent, so I stopped after work and got the first 6 HALO Reach action figures. I don’t know if this was really worthwhile or not, but I needed a fix… drugs would probably be cheaper than collectibles, but I suppose it can’t be helped…
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One Response to Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/2/10

  1. Jen says:

    I think it depends on what kind of drugs you’re buying. Knowing you, it’d be some rare kind that you’d have to sell a kidney to get. 😛

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