Worthwhile Things I Did Today 8/1/10

Sort’ve a ho-hum day today, but I can’t complain too much…

  • Took 4 or 5 hours (seriously) and wrote my first movie review for this  blog. Scheduled to post Monday morning. I’ve been waiting to write this review for a while, so I didn’t mind spending a ton of time writing it. Look forward to it!
  • Completed work on the “About” page of this blog, at least for now. And added a great snapshot of me from NYC. Damn, I’m cute.
  • Completed working on the image header for this blog. It’s definitely some kind of irony that I, who have a pathological terror of any kind of insect, chose a character whose body is a colony for insects for my header…
  • Got a 3rd case of Pepsi Throwback at Target on sale for just $4! That brings me to 36 cans! How much is too much…? I wonder…
  • Purchased more early Toys for Tots donation toys from the Target Summer Clearance sales! I’m up to a GI Joe Jet Fighter, 2 Mega Bloks Halo sets, and a Transformers Deluxe-class figure. Regular price would’ve been $82, but all this stuff only cost me 20 bucks! Gonna be some happy kids on Christmas!

Dabid's Favorite Charity!

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