The Throwback is Back!

I am a total sucker for Pepsi Throwback. And like all good foods, it’s limited-edition.

You see, Pepsi Throwback differs from normal Pepsi in that it uses real cane sugar instead of the blight of the grocery store, high fructose corn syrup. It’s also missing several other delightful carcinogenic ingredients from regular Pepsi. What this means is that I can drink Throwback and not get as sick. Oh, it still makes me sick, but not nearly as much as the regular hard stuff.

I first experienced The Throwback back in January, and after trying it I immediately bought up every one of the few cases of cans I managed to find. By the end of February I thought I was out of luck, as no more Pepsi Throwback was to be found in any store in any configuration.  Jen found me two 2-liters in a Stewart’s in early April, and I feared that was the end of my Pepsi Throwback love-affair forever.

But–BUT!!! Friday afternoon, as I was walking out of Target, my soda radar went off and I honed in on two travel bottles of Pepsi Throwback in the cooler. Realizing this was my chance, I U-Turned and charged back to the soda aisle, where I found 2 full cases of 12 cans of Pepsi Throwback. It was one of the more surreal moments of my life, like when you’re pronounced married or something like that.

Both bottles from Friday have been drunk, and I have 24 cans remaining. For now.

But the cans have an expiration date of April 2011, which means they’re from a new batch. Like blood to a shark, my predatory instincts have been awakened and won’t slumber again until I’ve made another kill. Soon I’ll find more Throwback to hoard for the dark times… soon…

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