Worthwhile Things I Did Today 7/31/10

This was one of the better days I’ve had in a while.

  • Took my beloved 98 Sunfire GT in and got the front tires replaced for the first time ever. More importantly, I had them look at the sporadic electronics in my car, so that I can drive at night without being utterly terrified of dying due to non-functioning headlights and taillights. How I managed to not die in the ~year that the electronics have been broken, I’ve no idea… They didn’t actually fix the electronics, but I guess it’s a start…
  • The first place I took my car to wanted $450 to replace the front tires.  I was almost a big enough weenie to just tell them to do it, but a little voice (belonging to my wife) suggested I call around, and I ended up getting them replaced for $224, or half the price. Way to go, little voice!The Man Called Sting
  • Took Jen to our first SPAC event ever, with Sting! (The singer, not the wrestler.) Learned something new about myself: I like Sting. Does that mean I like old person music…? Who knew?
  • I had what I think is a phenomenal idea: bowling! More on this later, hopefully…
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