Worthwhile Things I Did Today 7/30/10

I decided for my own benefit to keep track of worthwhile things I do each day. If I have nothing else to talk about, it’ll at least give me something to update with every day.

Here goes:

  • Came out of the stone ages and got my first new digital camera in 7 years. It’s orange! And it can hold approximately seven thousand more pictures than my old 16MB camera could. Seriously!
  • Drove Jen’s 2010 Yaris for the first time to make a delivery. Didn’t get killed. I feel pretty manly about that. For some reason…
  • Found a hidden Pepsi Throwback cache at Saratoga Springs Target! More on this to follow.
  • Started this blog. Whether or not this will ultimately belong in the “worthwhile” category remains to be seen, but for now let’s be optimistic…
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